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Death boxes are large crates dropped by dead players, containing every item they had when they died, as well as a banner card squadmates can use to revive them.

Death boxes can also be dropped by flyers that roam around Kings Canyon and Storm Point. Death boxes are also placed at a random spot in Prowler Nests on Storm Point. These death boxes carry loot and their owner would be someone from the player's friend list.

  • The death box's menu organizes items in order of weaponsammogearregen items → grenadesattachmentssurvival items.
  • Death boxes will glow in the color of its highest tier item.
  • If a death box is emptied of all of its items, and there is no banner card to be retrieved, the death box will vanish.
  • Death boxes will start mobile, being able to be pushed around by players, but after ~5 seconds of stillness will become solid.
  • If a player dies by falling off the map, their death box will be placed in the nearest possible spot on accessible land. However, if a death box falls off the map, there is no way to retrieve it. Death boxes might also end up being placed inside a Replicator or care package, making it more difficult to access the death box.
  • When a player is respawned, they can see a faint blue outline around their death box, visible through walls.
  • The surface of the death box contains a small screen with the dead player's banner pose, banner frame, and username. Player badges will also be visible, and if there is more than 1 badge, only one badge will be shown at a time.
  • The body shield that the player had when they died will be replenished fully.
  • With Crypto's tactical ability, Surveillance Drone Surveillance Drone, he can remotely recover his Squadmate's banner when interacting the Death box.
  • With Ash's passive ability, Marked for Death Marked for Death, she can ping the Death boxes within 3 minutes old by clicking the Skull Icon on the map.
    • She also can interact the Death boxes of the players to show the marker of the enemy squad who killed them on map for her Squad.

Cosmetics[ | ]

Death box cosmetics alter the appearance of enemy death boxes upon killing them.

Trivia[ | ]

  • When a character dies or is injured in the lore, sometimes a death box appears on the map. A notable example is when Forge was killed; his death box appeared in the Sorting Factory in World's Edge, where his death took place. Looting the death box provided the Steel Cut weapon charm.

Bugs[ | ]

  • There is a bug that makes it so nothing can be taken out of death boxes or Black Market Boutique Black Market Boutiques, in other words, it briefly looks like the item was taken, only for it to reappear in the death box or black market. It is unknown why this happens. When this happens, players cannot ping items or acknowledge teammates' pings.
  • Death boxes can fall through or otherwise clip through transparent floors.

Gallery[ | ]