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Decrypt the Passcode was a minor event for Season 8 Season 8 of Apex Legends that ran from April 16th, 2021 to May 4th, 2021. It was released at the end of Season 8 which served as a teaser for Season 9 Season 9 and the Arenas Arenas game mode.

The Invitation[ | ]

The first step will be to go to a neutral Care Package and find a keycard. Once the player opens the Care Package, the keycard will drop on the ground and will be retrievable. Players only need to collect one keycard. It can also be retrieved via Loba's Black Market Boutique Black Market Boutique.

Once the keycard is collected, players will need to activate it by clicking it in the lobby (the smartphone looking thing at the bottom, close to center). By doing so, the player will hear a voice line from an unknown person:

If fame and fortune is all you seek, Legend, your path ends here. But a new challenge awaits those who wish to prove their worth in the Arena.

Challenges[ | ]

After the voice line is finished, players will unlock the Decrypt the Passcode challenges. Players will then go search the maps for passcode Holo-Spray Holo-Sprays scattered around the map.

Challenge Reward
Scan 3 Passcode Holo-Sprays in Kings Canyon Challenge Stars 5
Scan 3 Passcode Holo-Sprays in Olympus Challenge Stars 5
Enter passcode at the Firing Range Alone Challenge Stars 10

Objective Locations[ | ]

This section lists the possible locations of each passcode Holo-Spray. At least 3 possible Holo-Sprays will spawn in a single match.

Kings Canyon[ | ]

  1. Top of The Cage.
  2. River side of Bunker.
  3. Top of Crash Site.
  4. Roof of the large structure near the mountainside outside Singh Labs.
  5. Under the entrance of the large structure at the north side of Offshore Rig.
  6. Inside the secret lab at Caustic Treatment.
  7. Under a building on the north side of Creature Containment.
  8. East side of Swamps near the edge of the map.
  9. West side of Runoff.
  10. Top of Skull Salvage.
  11. At a building south of Watchtower South.
  12. Inside The Pit, on the north side.
  13. On the outside of the large bunker at Hydro Dam.
  14. In an open space south of Artillery Battery.
  15. On top of the large wall on the south side of Artillery Battery.
  16. North side of Airbase.
  17. West side of Spotted Lake, near the X-shaped building.

Olympus[ | ]

  1. Top of the center building at Autumn Estates.
  2. In the middle of the Arcadia Supercarrier, located on a suspended beam.
  3. On top of a wall in Central Turbine going to Hammond Labs.
  4. On the roof of Hammond Labs.
  5. Behind the central suspended structure on Orbital Cannon Test Site.
  6. Under a bridge in the center of Hydroponics.
  7. Northeast of Elysium.
  8. Under the bridge between Orbital Cannon Test Site and Bonsai Plaza.
  9. On top of a building on the west side of Rift Aftermath.
  10. In the northwesternmost building at Bonsai Plaza.
  11. In the north building at Velvet Oasis.
  12. Inside a building at Energy Depot, near Hammond Labs.
  13. Easternmost part of the map, east of Golden Gardens.
  14. Inside the middle tower at Grow Towers.
  15. Northernmost side of the map, just north of Power Grid.

Teaser/Rewards[ | ]

Note: this can only be done once.

After all of these challenges are complete, players will then need to go to the Firing Range and interact with the platform in the center. Once the player does so, a dropship will enter the Firing Range and takes the player to a secret location. Entering the area will take the player inside a cave with an elevator. While on the elevator, the player will hear various sounds of gunshots and voices from Ash. When the player get to the top, the player will enter an arena with a large hologram in the center. It is a logo similar to the passcode holo-sprays. Soon after, that hologram will change to Ash’s head.

Once the player enters the arena, she will say:

Do you think you have what it takes to impress me, Legend? You'll find out soon. The Arena awaits.
Do you think you have what it takes to impress me, [glitch] dearie? You'll find out soon. The Arena awaits.
— If the player is Horizon.

After everything is finished, the player will go back to the lobby and be rewarded with the Impress Me Badge Badge.

Rewards[ | ]

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