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Defiance Launch Trailer
YTtn s12 launch
Watch here
Release date Jan 27, 2022
Production Psyop
Length 2:56
Promotes Season 12

The Defiance Launch Trailer is an animated short released on January 27th, 2022 to promote Season 12 Season 12.

Synopsis[ | ]

In a goblin dropship, Mad Maggie is handcuffed and prepared to drop into Olympus for her first match in the Apex Games. One of the Syndicate soldiers makes the mistake of taunting her, so she bites into his neck and kicks his corpse out of the ship. The Magistrate activates the rope that pulls her out of the dropship, and legends watch as Maggie plummets into the arena. A squad composed of Mirage, Crypto, and Horizon greets her with gunfire; she manages to slow them down with a Riot Drill Riot Drill, but as she's escaping a piece of Olympus' floor drops and she slides into a lower maintenance tunnel.

There, she witnesses Duardo Silva accessing Olympus' Phase Driver and running a program called "Defiance". Duardo thanks her for playing the villain role so well, and lowers a door to keep her away from him. She manages to reach through and grab his glasses as an elevator takes her back to the surface. She's thrown out into the middle of a fight between Bloodhound, Wattson, and Valkyrie and Gibraltar, Loba, and Bangalore; both squads immediately turn their weapons towards Maggie. Just then, the Phase Driver activates, teleporting the entirety of Olympus to the sky above the city of Malta[1]. For a brief moment, Olympus falls towards the city, but the Central Turbine activates in time to slow its descent; regardless, the fall has damaged much of the surface.

Maggie escapes from the squads chasing her and finds Lifeline and Octane. Maggie expects another fight, but Octane throws her an EVA-8, realizing she's on their squad and they'll have to work together. The three end up in a fight with Wraith, Pathfinder, and Fuse, who is exasperated to find that Maggie is alive. She downs him with a Wrecking Ball Wrecking Ball, and he shoots her in the shoulder with a 30-30. Lifeline, patching her up, asks what her plan is with the Phase Runner, but she pulls out Duardo's glasses to show it wasn't her. Octane immediately recognizes them as his father's. Maggie, now with allies, promises to play the villain role well.

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