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Doors are found on every map in Apex Legends. They are barriers that block movement and gunfire, and can be opened or closed by interacting with them (E/X/Square/Y).

Standard doors[ | ]

Regular doors

Standard doors on Storm Point.

Most doors are 2 meters tall and open with a hinge attached to the wall. These doors can be obstructed by players, Death Boxes, or objects placed by abilities, including the Nox Gas Trap Nox Gas Trap, Amped Cover Amped Cover, Interception Pylon Interception Pylon, Black Market Boutique Black Market Boutique, or Castle Wall Castle Wall.

Doors are invulnerable to most sources of damage, but the following can be used to damage them:

Using Catalyst's Barricade Barricade on a door will reinforce it, preventing enemies from interacting with it and doubling the amount of damage it can withstand. It can also be used on an empty doorway to create a ferrofluid door.

Hitting the handle of the door with a melee attack, 30-30 Repeater, Wingman, sniper rifle, or the L-STAR EMG will knock it open.

Large doors[ | ]

Large doors

Large doors on Broken Moon and Kings Canyon.

There are two variants of larger door; one is a sliding double door, and one is a vertical sliding door which raises when opened. These doors cannot be obstructed or destroyed in any way.

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