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Eclipse Launch Trailer
YTtn s15 launch
Watch here
Release date Oct 20, 2022
Production Psyop
Sound Design Barking Owl Inc.
Length 2:41
Promotes Season 15

The Eclipse Launch Trailer is an animated short released on October 20, 2022, to promote Season 15 Season 15.

Synopsis[ | ]

In the past, Catalyst begins work at the colony of Hope on Boreas' shattered moon, Cleo. She uses her new equipment to manipulate ferrofluid, helping the construction crew by reinforcing structures and catching falling debris. At one point, she sees Duardo Silva and Seer touring the Perpetual Core. Later, she discovers that the colony has been selected as a new arena in the Apex Games, and she will be laid off and evicted from her home in the South Promenade.

In the present, Catalyst has been placed on a squad with Bloodhound and Rampart. The trio finds themselves in a chaotic firefight in the Perpetual Core, holding off Newcastle, Vantage, and Pathfinder on one side while Fuse and Mad Maggie approach from elsewhere. Catalyst trips the duo with a patch of Piercing Spikes Piercing Spikes and finishes them off with Fuse's Rampage LMG.

Seer approaches Catalyst and tries to apologize to her for turning her home into an arena, but Catalyst isn't interested in his explanation. Octane and Caustic appear to back him up, and Catalyst creates a Dark Veil Dark Veil between the two squads. Octane attempts to run right through it and is shot down on the other side; Caustic blindly opens fire through the veil and hits nothing. Seer throws his Exhibit Exhibit over the veil, but Catalyst's squad circles around and ambushes them from behind.

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