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Emergence Launch Trailer
YTtn s10 launch
Watch here
Release date Jul 22, 2021
Production Psyop [1]
Length 3:13
Promotes Season 10

The Emergence Launch Trailer is an animated short released on July 22, 2021, to promote Season 10 Season 10.

Synopsis[ | ]

Seer describes visions he has of other legend's pain; he sees a vision of young Mirage and his mother working on their hologram tech, he sees Bloodhound paying tribute to a tree being destroyed by lava, and he sees Loba putting her desire for revenge behind her for love.

In a match on World's Edge, Seer pursues Fuse through an avalanche at Train Yard. He gracefully jumps and flips over boulders and Fuse's grenades and catches up with him, downs him with a shot from an EVA-8, and leaves Bloodhound to secure the kill. In another fight, he assists Valkyrie in fighting Wattson and Caustic by using his micro-drones to clear away the Nox Gas. In another fight, he drops off a zipline to dodge a shot from Horizon, only to bounce back up via Octane's Launch Pad Launch Pad and knocks her and Crypto into the lava below.

Later, Seer and his squadmates Loba and Rampart are in stalemate against Wraith, Bangalore, and Revenant. He uses his Exhibit Exhibit to see the enemies through Bangalore's smoke, helping them to gain the advantage. Revenant attempts to stab Rampart, but Seer knocks him down with a kick to the head and finishes him off.

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