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YTtn sfto Encore
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Release date April 24, 2023
Production The Sequence Group [1]
Length 4:41
Promotes Season 17, Ballistic

Encore is a Stories from the Outlands animated short released on April 24, 2023, to promote Season 17 Season 17.

Synopsis[ | ]

In the Brinkman Estate, August "Ballistic" Brinkman made himself a smoothie, before deciding to add a shot of whisky. Sluggishly walking down a long hallway and passed by a shrine for Kit Siang Phua, he looked longingly at a photo of a him holding a baby Nathaniel, before sitting down in front of a large television.

Soon, the OTV Live aired, with the topic of that night being on Brinkman himself. The show introduced him as the first celebrity champion of the Thunderdome era, and being part of the greatest trio in Thunderdome with Kit Siang and Sok Leng Phua, until his showboating led to the death of Kit Siang in oen fateful day. While the show wondered how Ballistic would fair against the Apex Legends, Brinkman looked at a incompleted Goblin scale model nearby, and recall how after that day, he just sat in front of the Television and ignored his family, and eventually Sok Leng separated from him, taking Nathaniel with her. Enraged by the reminder of his past mistakes, he threw the bottle in his hand, shattering it and the monitor. Walking over to clean it up, he was shocked when the program then revealed that Nathaniel had qualified as a competitor in the Apex Games. Deciding this was the point to turn his life around, he quickly cleaned himself up and armed himself, departing for a Mercenary Syndicate facility.

Brinkman rampaged through the facility, massacring Syndicate soldiers until he reached the office of Torres Silva. Placing a gun against Silva's head, he demanded that he enter the Games in Nathaniel's stead in exchange for full control over Brinkman's career. Deciding this to be a great ratings opportunity, Silva agreed.

Soon after, the Syndicate called Nathaniel to tell him that he had been disqualified. Looking out his apartment window, he found a Goblin model left by his father.

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