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Escape Launch Trailer
YTtn s11 launch
Watch here
Release date Oct 21, 2021
Production Psyop
Length 4:04
Promotes Season 11

The Escape Launch Trailer is an animated short released on October 21, 2021, to promote Season 11 Season 11.

Synopsis[ | ]

The legends arrive by boat to a beach at Storm Point, Gaea. Bangalore is wary and wants to stay alert, but Mirage is treating it like a vacation, as are most of the other legends. While everyone else enjoys their time in the sun like Octane taking a dive first off a boat, Loba kitesurfing, Rampart chasing chickens, Pathfinder sunbathing, Lifeline drumming and Fuse emerged infront of Mirage and Bangalore sexy like. Bangalore leaves to get to high ground. Mirage applies some sunscreen and falls asleep on a chaise lounge.

Mirage awakens hours later to find a Prowler standing over him. He flees and tries to shoot at it, but realizes he left his Mozambique behind. Bangalore shoots it down with a G7 Scout, but the two are quickly surrounded by Caustic, Rampart, and Revenant. As the Nox Gas surrounds them, Caustic is hit with an Arc Snare Arc Snare, and the other two are swiftly executed by Ash. Apparently on Mirage and Bangalore's squad, she sticks a Data Knife into Caustic's corpse, guiding them to the crashed IMS Hestia. Inside, the three are ambushed by Wattson, Pathfinder, and Seer; Pathfinder is downed by Mirage while Wattson is brutally stabbed through the chest by Ash. Seer manages to escape, but gets captured by a giant Carthage Spider; the spiders swarm and chase the squad to a bridge over a high cliff. The squad takes out the spiders with a Frag Grenade while Ash cuts an incoming Flyer in half with her sword. The three are ambushed by Octane, Gibraltar, and Horizon; Ash flanks behind Horizon with a Phase Breach Phase Breach while Mirage gets knocked off the bridge by Gibraltar's Defensive Bombardment Defensive Bombardment. After hitting the ground, Ash appears and throws Gibraltar's War Club into the dirt. Mirage, fed up with the excessive violence, decides to leave, but Ash stabs him through the chest when he turns around.

Mirage wakes up again on the beach, uncertain how much of the match has been a dream. As he looks around, he sees the bodies of the other legends strewn about on the sand. Ash appears and insists he come with her.

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