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Evelyn Witt
Evelyn Witt
Real Name Evelyn Witt
Gender Female
Relatives Droz (brother)
Richard Witt (husband)
Elon Witt (son, MIA)
Ricky Witt (son, MIA)
Roger Witt (son, MIA)
Elliott Witt (son)
Homeworld Solace
Occupation Engineer
Status Alive
Real-world Info
Voice Actor Deborah Marlowe
Appearances The Legacy Antigen

Evelyn Witt is Mirage's mother and a famed engineer specializing in Holo-Pilot Tech who used to work for the IMC.

Lore[ | ]

Background[ | ]

She helped modify the unit used by her son in the Apex Games and is popular enough that Wattson knows and respects her work. She is presumably suffering from memory loss as implied by a recording of a phone call between her and her son.

The Legacy Antigen[ | ]

She was in Olympus to participate in the celebration for Pathfinder when the Medusa Vines disease outbreak occurred.

During the events of The Legacy Antigen, she was staying at one of the hotels in Olympus where she got paid a visit by her husband, Richard Witt earlier on. When Mirage visits her, she notices the arguments her son and Rampart has towards each other, trying to make him understand the good that Rampart brought to his life.

Thanks to her encouragement, Mirage realizes what it feels like to have a sibling and decided that Rampart should stay with him as a roommate. Her son would send her to a better hotel.

During this meeting, she would also mention to Elliott that her husband, Richard, has returned. Elliott ignores that, dismissing as just another complication from his mother's dementia. Unbeknownst to him, Evelyn's husband did truly come back.

Appearances[ | ]

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Transition Blurbs
  • Season 3 Icon Humble Witt (mentioned)
  • Season 3 Icon Mirage's Worst Day (mentioned)
  • Season 9 THE SECRET OF MY SUCCESS (mentioned)
  • Season 10 Icon A Witty Bunch
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