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FINAL FANTASY VII Takeover is a Limited Time Takeover introduced in Season 19 Season 19's Apex Legends & FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH event.

Due to being a Takeover, FINAL FANTASY VII Takeover directly affects the Play Apex Trios game mode rather than being in a separate mode selection.

Availability[ | ]

  1. January 9, 2024 - January 30, 2024

Details[ | ]

Buster Sword R2R5[ | ]

The Buster Sword R2R5 can be found as ground loot or in Care Packages. It is also available in the Firing Range for the duration of the event.

  • The sword has a light attack, heavy attack, launch, slam, dash, block and Limit Break.
  • The light attack (activated with melee button) deals 25 damage and can be used while in mid-air or while the launch/dash is charging. It has faster attack speed than normal melee.
  • The heavy attack (activated with primary fire) deals 60 damage, has significantly long melee range and can hit multiple enemies.
  • When charged, a light attack can be used to launch the player (and any enemy hit) into the air, dealing 40 damage.
  • While in the air, a slam attack (activated with primary fire) can be used, dealing 60 damage.
  • The sword can be used to block (activated with ADS), heavily reducing damage received by incoming shots.
    • While blocking, the player can dash forward, provided the dash has charged.
  • The Limit Break ability will charge over time, and can be charged faster by dealing damage with the sword (2% for a light attack and 5% for a heavy attack).
    • When active, speed is increased, incoming damage is reduced, and the launch cooldown is removed.
    • The ability lasts 25 seconds.

Materia[ | ]

Five Materia hop-ups can be found as ground loot. Each type provides a special effect, and each weapon is only compatible with one type.

Special Loot Ticks known as CacTicks can be found on the map, and provide one of each color Materia.

Materia Effect Compatible weapons
Red Materia: Summon Summon a Nessie companion to attack your foes. Kraber .50-Cal Sniper
Mozambique Shotgun
RE-45 Auto
Yellow Materia: Assess Damage enemies to see their remaining health. Charge Rifle
Rampage LMG
G7 Scout
R-99 SMG
Green Materia: Lightning Reload an empty weapon to emit a shock nova, damaging and slowing nearby enemies. EVA-8 Auto
Triple Take
Alternator SMG
Prowler Burst PDW
Volt SMG
Blue Materia: HP Absorb Damage enemies to heal yourself. Mastiff Shotgun
Devotion LMG
Hemlok Burst AR
Nemesis Burst AR
30-30 Repeater
Purple Materia: Crit Rate Up Random critical provide extra damage. Longbow DMR
M600 Spitfire
VK-47 Flatline
R-301 Carbine
Bocek Compound Bow

History[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • It's been observed that many of the buster sword's ability match the description of Forge's fake ability.