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Various Factions exist in the Titanfall universe. They are the driving force behind the game's lore and vary in structure from corporations, corporate syndicates to an interplanetary militia.

Mercenary Syndicate[ | ]

Mercenary Syndicate
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The Mercenary Syndicate, more commonly known as the Syndicate, is a conglomerate of various mercenary companies that was said to have "brought life and order" to the Outlands after the devastation brought about by the Frontier War and the withdrawal of both the IMC and the Frontier Militia.

Currently, they are headed by Torres Silva. They are also the organizers of the Apex Games under their Apex Games Commission, headed by Kuben Blisk.

Syndicate Corps[ | ]

Syndicate Corps Icon

The Syndicate Corps, formerly the Frontier Corps, was founded in 2711 as a publicly funded volunteer program whose primary mission is to provide social, medical, and economic development support throughout the Frontier while promoting mutual understanding among citizens.[1] Prior to its reformation and rebranding in 2734, it was led by the President of the Frontier Corps.[2] Lifeline has been using her winnings to help fund this organization.

After Torres Silva (under the guise of Eduardo Silva) was elected as the head of the Syndicate council in 2734, he reformed the Frontier Corps into the Syndicate Corps, placing Cherisse Che at its head. After this point, the organization was fully funded by the Syndicate. Lifeline was listed as the spokesperson for the Syndicate Corps, likely unwillingly.[3]

After the settlement of Hope was acquired as an arena for the Apex Games, the Syndicate Corps began large-scale mining operations across Cleo's surface.[4]

In early 2735, the Syndicate Corps planned a mission to Salvo.[5]

Dragon Company[ | ]

Dragon Company

The Dragon Company is a mercenary unit that comprises part of the Mercenary Syndicate, led by Vittoria De Luca. The Dragon Company is a brutal militia with incredibly loyal members, responsible for a variety of battlefield myths.[6]

Emerald Leviathan[ | ]

The Emerald Leviathan is a mercenary unit that comprises part of the Mercenary Syndicate, led by Suraj Varma. The Emerald Leviathan was a wealthy unit, conquering through coin rather than gun. Their wealth and the large swathe of industries under their belt has given them a reputation as a generous organization, though the opposite is true for those who cross them.[6]

Locust Network[ | ]

The Locust Network is a mercenary unit that comprises part of the Mercenary Syndicate, led by Thorne. A secretive, high-tech faction, the Locust Network works in information and manipulation.[6]

Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation[ | ]

Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation

The Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation, commonly known as the IMC, is an interstellar conglomerate engaged in interstellar mining, arms manufacturing, robotics, and most notably the creation of Titans. They are one of the major participants in the Frontier War.

Hammond Robotics[ | ]

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Hammond Robotics Icon

Hammond Robotics is a company operating in the Outlands. Founded in 2131 by Dr. Heinrich Hammond, Hammond Robotics engages in colonial manufacturing, transportation, security, and, with the introduction of the Planet Harvester, energy distribution.

Its branding repeatedly emphasizes itself as the "New" Hammond Robotics, differentiating itself with its predecessor the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation, who was one of the belligerents in the Frontier War.

Corporations[ | ]

AI Logic[ | ]

AI Logic is an electronics company founded in 2445 in Angel City, Angelia. One of the Frontier's oldest native corporations, it originally focused solely on repairs, but eventually was able to acquire dominance in the field of drone manufacturing and research and has expanded to other planets on the Frontier.

One of its subsidiaries, Chevrex, operates in the Outlands.

Altamirano Armory[ | ]

Altamirano Armory is an arms manufacturer operating in the Frontier.

They manufactured the Mozambique Shotgun.

Burrell Defense[ | ]

Burrell Defense

Burrell Defense is an arms and Titan weapon manufacturer operating in the Frontier.

They manufactured the Triple Take and its predecessor the D-2 Double Take, and the Alternator A-2.

Burrell collapsed as a result of the Blackout.[7]

Chevrex[ | ]

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Chevrex Incorporated is the Outlands subsidiary of AI Logic, owned and operated by the Che family. Specializing in drone manufacturing, one of its most popular products is the Security Monitoring Systems Drones (SMS Drones) which act as security cameras, motion detectors, and communication and recording devices.

It is unknown how Chevrex was spun off from AI Logic, with the earliest mentions of its existence being in 2658 when it provided funds for Project Iris' research into Branthium as an energy source. The results of the research greatly benefited Chevrex and it has since solidified itself as one of the most powerful companies in Psamathe, if not the Outlands.

The wife of CEO Darion Che, Cherisse, has extensive connections within the Syndicate and was instrumental in the negotiations surrounding the entry of Salvo into Syndicate Space. The Che family, and by extension Chevrex, also presumably has a seat in the Psamathe Planetary Council owing to the company's power and influence.

Emslie Tactical[ | ]

Emslie Tactical Icon

Emslie Tactical is an arms manufacturer operating in the Frontier.

They manufactured the Frontier War-era model Alternator SMG, the Alternator A-1.

Holdener Arms[ | ]

Holdener Arms is an arms manufacturer operating in the Frontier.

They manufactured the 30-30 Repeater and Mad Maggie's Wrecking Ball Wrecking Ball[8].

Humbert Labs[ | ]

Humbert Labs is a agricultural supply company based in Gaea. The company specializes in the manufacturing of pesticide gases.

Caustic used to work for Humbert Labs and was responsible for the murder of its head Franklin Humbert in 2723.

Kodai[ | ]


Kodai is a corporation operating in the Frontier. They have two known subsidiaries, Kodai Industries and Kodai Mining. It is partnered with Chevrex

Their logo appears in various locations within the game, notably on Lifeline's bandana and on cargo crates scattered around Kings Canyon, World's Edge, and Olympus.

Lastimosa Armory[ | ]

Lastimosa Armory

Lastimosa Armory is an arms manufacturer that manufactured the R-series weapons (R-301 Carbine, R-99 SMG), the G-series light marksman rifles (The Frontier War-era G2A5, the G7 Scout), the Kraber .50-cal Sniper, the Mastiff Shotgun, the Prowler Burst PDW, the RE-45 Auto, and the Hammond P2020. They also manufactured the D-series DMRs (such as the Longbow DMR) and the L-STAR EMG, however these two weapons utilized in the Apex Games are provided by Wonyeon Interstellar.

Paradinha Arsenal[ | ]

Paradinha Arsenal Icon

Paradinha Arsenal is a corporation operating in the Frontier.

They manufactured the RE-45 Auto, the Sentinel ESR and its prototype model the A-13 Sentry.

Proteus[ | ]

Proteus Icon

Proteus is a company based in Talos that specializes in manufacturing Neurointerfaces.

Their logo can be seen in various buildings in World's Edge that presumably must have been offices before the Epicenter explosion.

Pythas[ | ]

Pythas is a corporation active in the Outlands. A technology giant based on Solace, they formerly owned the city of Kómma on Solace before it was sold to the Mercenary Syndicate. They have many corporate campuses across the Outlands, one of which being Pythas Block 0.

Rhapsody's mother worked for Pythas before she was fired for discovering company secrets. As a result, Rhapsody began to fight in the Apex Games under their banner.

Silva Pharmaceuticals[ | ]

Silva Pharmaceuticals Icon

Silva Pharmaceuticals is a pharmaceutical company operating in the Outlands, with its headquarters at Psamathe. Founded by Torres Silva, its current CEO is Eduardo Silva. They manufacture stims employed by Stim Pilots during Frontier War, and later used by Octane[9].

They mass produced the cure for the Legacy Antigen caused by Medusa Vines on Olympus, the details of this event are told in the comic The Legacy Antigen. They also hosted the 9 vs 9 Control mode designed by Eduardo Silva in Season 12.

The Sisters[ | ]

The Sisters

The Sisters is a former gang active on Gaea, based in Suotamo.[10] Specializing in weapons modding and fixing competitions, they are led by Big Sister. Rampart was a member before joining the Apex Games.

In 2735, The Sisters became a legitimate, licensed business, releasing the Nemesis Burst AR as their first product.[11]

Siwhan Industries[ | ]

Siwhan Industries

Siwhan Industries is an arms manufacturer operating in the Frontier.

They are more commonly known to manufacture weapons which include the HAVOC Rifle (with assistance from Wonyeon), the M600 Spitfire and the C.A.R. SMG.

SWCC[ | ]

SWCC is an arms manufacturer operating in the Frontier.

They mass-produced the Rampage LMG.

Vinson Dynamics[ | ]

Vinson Dynamics Icon

Vinson Dynamics is a weapon and Titan manufacturer operating in the Frontier.

The company has the capability to manufacture Simulacrums, and was responsible for rebuilding Ash, a former member of the Apex Predators, following her destruction at the Battle of Typhon. It has conducted operations both for and against the IMC's Remnant Fleet. On the Apex Games, they are the manufacturer of the Charge Rifle model used in its arenas.

Wonyeon[ | ]


Wonyeon is an corporation operating in the Frontier. They have two known subsidiaries: Wonyeon Defense, an arms manufacturer and Wonyeon Interstellar, a technology company known for manufacturing weapon optics.

In Apex Legends, they are the manufacturer of the EVA-8 Shotgun, the Hemlok Burst AR, the VK-47 Flatline, the HAVOC Rifle (with assistance from Siwhan Industries) and the Apex Games models of the L-STAR EMG and Longbow DMR.

Other Factions[ | ]

Black Rattler[ | ]

The Black Rattler is a mercenary warband operating in Salvo.

They are the warband of Salvo's Supreme Warlord Sandringham Kelly.[12]

Boreas Science Division[ | ]

The Boreas Science Division is a department of the planetary government of Boreas, responsible for the world's scientific operations.[13]

Cleo Recovery Council[ | ]

Cleo Recovery Council

The Cleo Recovery Council is an organization working to terraform, restore, and colonize Boreas's moon, Cleo. Catalyst is a member.

Cracked Talon[ | ]

Cracked Talon

The Cracked Talon is a mercenary warband operating in Salvo, formerly led by its warlord Margaret "Mad Maggie' Kōhere.

They were involved in a group of terrorist attacks on the Apex Games and Solace City that were conducted to protest the annexation of Salvo into Syndicate Space. Many Cracked Talon members became involved with the Mercenary Syndicate after Salvo's annexation.[14]

ECHO[ | ]


ECHO or Ecological Cleanup and Hazard Outreach is an environmental organization operating in the Outlands.

They set-up, operate and man the various ECHO camps scattered around Kings Canyon, including the Filtration Dam located on Spotted Lakes. ECHO later ventured to Storm Point to assist in removing the Downed Beast[15] and in recovering from a violent storm that struck the island in 2735.[16]

Forgotten Families[ | ]

The Forgotten Families is a gang active around Harris Valley on Solace.

The Forgotten Families consists of a variety of former IMC loyalists. They have soldiers from a variety of backgrounds among their ranks, including from the ARES Division, 115th Orbital Assault, and 99th Hell Divers.[17] Due to their loyalism toward IMC, they hunt for IMC Deserters and kill them.

Rene, the original holder of the title of Newcastle, had significant debts to the Forgotten Families, and attempted to sell the town to them in order to pay them off. Seeing as this was not enough, he repeatedly attempted to enter the Apex Games to fully remove his debt, failing nearly forty times. Despite the intervention of Jackson Williams, Rene was killed by the Forgotten Families, and he agreed to take his place in the Games in order to pay off the gang.[18]

Their relationship to the Mercenary Syndicate is unknown.

National Alliance of Boreas[ | ]

National Alliance of Boreas

The National Alliance of Boreas (the NAB for short) is an organization that acts as the planetary government of Boreas.

As a member planet of the Syndicate Alliance of Free Worlds, the NAB is under the leadership of the Mercenary Syndicate.

Project Iris[ | ]

Main article: Project Iris

Project Iris (commonly called "The Group") was a group of scientists from the Outlands assembled to prevent an energy crisis by finding an alternative energy source.[19]

Its members are Pathfinder's creators.

Salvo M.C.[ | ]

Salvo MC Icon

Salvo M.C. is an outlaw club based in Salvo.

S.A.R.A.S.[ | ]


S.A.R.A.S. or the Search and Rescue Association of Solace is a humanitarian organization based in Solace.

Founded in 2525 by the Gibraltar family, S.A.R.A.S.'s mission involves searching for missing people and rescuing those injured in outdoor activities, while also responding to requests for disaster relief and community protection throughout Solace. S.A.R.A.S. has various units such as the Solace Mountain Rescue, the Vehicle Search and Rescue, Urban Search and Rescue, and the Marine Search and Rescue.

S.A.R.A.S. functions solely on donations from the community of Solace City. Each member is either a part-time volunteer with limited benefits such as training and personal resources or a full-time volunteer who is provided with housing, family education, and medical resources.[20]

The legend Gibraltar and his father Miko are members of this organization.

Frontier Militia[ | ]

The Frontier Militia is an interplanetary militia consisting of various planetary militias, pirate organizations, and mercenary companies that banded together to defend the Frontier and their way of life from the IMC. They are one of the major participants in the Frontier War.

Trivia[ | ]

  • Some companies in the game's lore are named after Respawn Entertainment employees:
    • Altamirano Armory is named after Kristen Altamirano.
    • Emslie Tactical is named after Joe Emslie.
    • Holdener Arms is named after Jens Holdener
    • Lastimosa Armory and Brockhaurd Manufacturing are based on Ryan Lastimosa's surname and username respectively.
    • Vinson Dynamics is named after Rayme Vinson.
    • Paradinha Arms is named after 3D artist Corwin Paradinha.

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