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Real Name Ignacio Huamaní
Gender Male
Age 26
Relatives Unnamed father (deceased)
Luis Huamaní (brother, deceased)
Julian Huamaní (brother, deceased)
Homeworld Solace
Occupation Salvager (formerly)
Status Alive
Real-world Info
Voice Actor Josh Keaton

Ignacio Huamaní, better known as Fade, is a Legend first introduced in Season 1 (Mobile) Icon Season 1 of Apex Legends Mobile. The son of a family of military tech scavengers, he joined the Apex Games to lure out his family's killers and get his revenge.

Lore[ | ]

Background[ | ]

Ignacio Huamaní was born in 2708 on Solace to a family of treasure hunters specializing in the recovery of military technology, selling their loot to the highest bidder. As the youngest member of the family, he acted as a lookout. His father made sure to never glorify his work, making sure to value his family over the spoils. "Family over power" was a mantra Huamaní took to heart.[1]

Huamaní, eager to prove his worth, one day accepted an offer from an unknown client to recover a powerful high-tech suit from a crashed IMC ship. The family was able to successfully locate the ship. After entering, Huamaní equipped the suit immediately, receiving a harsh admonishment from his father.[2] However, a band of mercenaries immediately swooped in and attacked - the job was a set-up. When the mercenaries finally cornered Huamaní, he activated the suit and was transported to another dimension. His family's killers looted a blade of the Constellation, a heirloom held by the family, while the other three blades remained with Huamaní.[3]

Eventually, Huamaní was able to return to his own dimension, having mastered the capabilities of the high-tech suit. After his return, he interrogated and killed many in an attempt to gain information regarding his family's assailants, with his only response being that they're not someone who he would want to mess with.[4] He then entered the Apex Games, hoping to draw out his family's assailants and enact his revenge.[5][6]

At some point, Huamaní met with Loba in a restaurant in Bonsai Plaza to get advice in order to recover the fourth blade of the Constellation from a guarded vault. He was able to successfully recover the blade, finding a tag attached that stated it had been sold to someone named De Luca.[3]

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Trivia[ | ]

  • Fade is Peruvian.[7]
  • Fade intends to destroy his suit after he avenges his family.[4]

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