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Family Business
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Release date Jun 14, 2022
Production Psyop [1]
Sound Design Source Sound Inc. [2]
Length 8:35
Promotes Awakening

Family Business is a Stories from the Outlands animated short released on June 14, 2022, during Season 13 Season 13.

Synopsis[ | ]

In a flashback four months prior, Ajay Che gets on a subway leaving home, having discovered that her parents, owners of Chevrex Inc, are war profiteers. On the phone, her mother insists that she'll always be a Che. Ajay hangs up and listens to "One Weapon a Day" by The Flyer Liars.

In the present, Ajay is serving with the Frontier Corps as a combat medic in an unspecified combat zone. She tends to her partner's wounds in a Corps hospital with help from her D.O.C. drone, but he refuses help from it because it is a Chevrex product. Seeing that the hospital is running horribly low on supplies, she calls Octane to see if he can get her some Silva Pharmaceuticals medicine.

Ajay and D.O.C. meet with Octane outside a Silva facility late at night under the impression that his father would be donating the meds, but it Octane reveals that he's actually planned a heist. Equipped with wingsuits, the two infiltrate the facility and find a room full of medicines. Octane gets cornered by guards and Ajay sneaks up from behind to take them out, but the two are caught on camera. Pursued by Chevrex security drones, the two manage to make it out, but Duardo Silva recognizes them on the security feed and calls Cherisse.

The two get the medicine back to the hospital, but Duardo, Cherisse, and several armed guards arrive and demand to see her, holding the hospital hostage. Ajay offers to return home in exchange for the wounded people's safety, but Cherisse orders the guards to kill the patients anyways. Fortunately, Octane defuses the situation by turning on his livestream and filming their parents. Not wanting to be seen by Octane's >1M viewers, the two leave, and the patients cheer for their bravery. Lifeline's partner leaves, now knowing who her family is, but Octane comforts her. Seeing footage of Bangalore winning a match at the Apex Games on the television, Ajay comes up with a new plan to raise funds for the hospital.

Lifeline (Ajay Che)[ | ]

This song was featured in the short as an in-universe song performed by Lifeline as part of her band, the Flyer Liars. Sung by voice actress Mela Lee, it was released individually on June 10, 2022.

Details and easter eggs[ | ]

  • The song heard throughout the short was released on Spotify alongside the short. [3]
  • It is unknown in which exact year the prologue and main event take place. When recalling the events that lead to her ditching the Ches in Pathfinder's Quest, Lifeline believe it was when she was 19 where she first learn of it, then after six months of short trip, decided to leave the che for good. If Ajay was born at the tail end of 2709, while her 19th birthday is at 2728, a few months later (2729) is still 19 in her mind. If her discovery of Che's war profittering business occur no earlier than March 2729, then after an approximate half a year (as she recalled) and then four monthes later (ie. 10 months), it will land the main events of Family Business in 2730, which match Bangalore's entry into the games.
  • Among the graffiti on the subway in the first scene, there is the logo of the Cracked Talon, and the writing "I <3 SHIELA - BIG SISTER IS WATCHING".
  • The news ticker on the television reads "Chevrex Inc. and Silva Pharmaceuticals Under Investigation." It is uncertain, but likely, that this was caused by Octane's livestream.

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