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For two people who have just met, Bangalore and Newcastle have a lot of words for each other. But when Wraith and Mirage hear something alarming, they set out to uncover the secret hanging between the bickering duo -- forgetting that sometimes, the truth hurts.
Family Secrets
Family Secrets tab overview
Family Portrait tab overview.
Season Season 13 Season 13
Treasure packs 45
Style Text
Number of parts 8
Previous quest "The Perfect Son"
Next quest "Friends Like These"

Family Secrets was a quest during Season 13 Season 13.

Treasure Pack Rewards[ | ]

Players can find Treasure Pack Treasure Packs in-game, once per day (players can also purchase all the available Treasure Packs for Apex Coins 25).

Treasure Pack rewards vary, and include Charm Weapon Charms, Challenge Stars 2, Crafting Metals 15 and Apex Pack Apex Packs.

All of the rewards needed a total of 45 Treasure Packs to unlock.

After all the Treasure Packs were collected, the player got three rewards: the Wings of Morien Wingman Skin, an Apex Pack Apex Pack, and Challenge Stars 10.

Story Progress[ | ]

There are eight chapters.

"Money & Mercenaries"[ | ]

The narrator is Wraith.

"Eavesdropping & Enmity"[ | ]

The narrator is Mirage.

"Recognition & Responsibility"[ | ]

The narrator is Wraith.

"Integrity & Intentions"[ | ]

The narrator is Bangalore.

"Discourse & Disturbance"[ | ]

The narrator is Wraith.

"Incite & Insights"[ | ]

The narrator is Mirage.

"Absence & Acquiescence"[ | ]

The narrator is Bangalore.

"Nought & Null"[ | ]

The narrator is Wraith.

Quest Rewards[ | ]

Weapon Skins[ | ]

Charms Icon Weapon Charms[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • The first letter of each page titles spell out "MERIDIAN."

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