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February 08, 2019 Patch
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The February 08, 2019 Patch is a minor server patch mainly addressing various stability issues. It's the first patch ever released for Apex Legends, and the first being server-sided.

Stability, performance, bug fixes[ | ]

  • Pushed a couple of small server-side patches that addressed a number of stability issues. We also had some brief outages that were addressed.
  • Fixed an issue where Origin Origin was showing all your friends as offline.
  • Fixed an issue for Xbox Xbox where you couldn’t purchase Apex Coins Apex Coins in-game.
  • If you get an Origin Origin message saying that it can't sync your cloud saves, don't panic. Your progression is safe.
  • AMD Phenom crashing issues:
  • Changed the way that we detect below our Min Spec, and will now display the message “CPU does not have SSE 3.”
  • The Party Leader Quit message is displaying when it shouldn’t, and we’re working to address it