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Fight Night
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Release date Dec 29, 2020
Production The Mill [1]
Length 7:45
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Disambig This article is about the animated short. For the event, see Fight Night.

Fight Night is a Stories from the Outlands animated short released on December 29, 2020, during Season 7 Season 7.

Synopsis[ | ]

In the city of Malta, Psamathe, Victor Maldera works as a security guard at a Chinese restaurant. Through photos, newspaper clippings, and his monologue, we learn that he was a well-respected lieutenant for the Malta Police Department, until he became obsessed with a case involving arson at Humbert Labs - evidence showed that the perpetrator, Alexander Nox, died in the fire, but Maldera was convinced he survived. Maldera became erratic and was dishonorably discharged from the force.

On the security cameras, Maldera watches a recently hired MRVN unit accidentally start a fight with a mobster. The mobster attempts to shoot the MRVN, only for the bullet to ricochet back into himself, causing chaos to break out. As more mobsters arrive, Maldera pulls the MRVN aside for interrogation. He plugs in a device that scans through the MRVN's memories, and finds that it witnessed Alexander Nox escaping Humbert Labs - amongst a variety of other moments from the MRVN's life. The MRVN takes control of the playback, landing on a memory of Dr. Amélie P. talking to the MRVN and calling him Pathfinder - a memory he evidently wasn't aware of. Before they can see much more, another mobster enters the room and attempts to take Pathfinder, prompting the two to flee the building.

The two hijack a goblin dropship from the mobsters and fly off, but the ship is struck by lightning and the mobsters are able to catch up and drop a pair of Spectres onto the ship. The mobster calls Maldera and offers to give him Nox if he gives up the MRVN, so Maldera lets the spectres in, only for them to shoot him. Pathfinder then manages to fight off the spectres, making use of a grappling hook stolen from one of them. As the mobsters open fire on Pathfinder, Maldera manages to shoot back, and the two grapple off of the dropship before it crashes. In an alleyway, Maldera finds that Pathfinder is damaged, and his memory files are about to be wiped, so he lets the MRVN see his creator once more before shutting down. Pathfinder then reawakens in a trash heap somewhere.

Details and easter eggs[ | ]

  • This short takes place in 2725, two years after Caustic's apparent death and eight years before Apex Legends' story begins.
  • In the opening shot of Malta, logos for several known companies and brands can be seen on skyscrapers, including Chevrex, Paradinha Arsenal, Vinson Dynamics, Kodai Industries, Silva Pharmaceuticals, and Wonyeon Interstellar.
  • Maldera has a photo in his home of himself and Forge.
  • Maldera's conspiracy board contains photos of Marcos Andrade and Revenant. We later see that Pathfinder witnessed this murder as well.
  • The gun used by the mobster is a Season 5 Icon Precision Caliber Wingman. Maldera correctly identifies it as a Rampart-modded weapon.
    • Rampart would have been 13 during this short.
  • The dead mobster in the restaurant can be seen receiving a call from Quentin Willis.
  • One of Pathfinder's memories is himself doing a weather broadcast the day that Typhon was destroyed. The year is listed as 2658, but this is an error[2] - the year should actually be 2715.
  • During the dropship chase scene, the underside of Olympus can be seen in one shot.

References[ | ]