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Firing Range
Firing Range MU1
Map of Firing Range as of Season 17 Season 17.
Gamemode Firing Range
Location Unknown

The Firing Range is the map used in the Firing Range and Training game modes. Ballistic is the Announcer for this mode.

Features[ | ]

  • Every weapon is available here, organized by ammo type. Beside the weapons are a limitless supply of Attachments, Grenades, Regen items, and Gear in every rarity.
  • Several targets are arranged for target practice. The blue square targets will simply display damage done, while the closer targets can be hit with a headshot and will flip down when shot. (Outdated)
  • Several Extreme range targets are on various elements of the background including the ship, catwalks behind the ship, and lone rock spire
  • Three DUMMIEs are standing by, each equipped with a Level 4 Body Shield and Level 1 Helmet, for players to shoot. They respawn quickly after being killed. (Outdated)
  • Friendly Fire can be toggled in the setting menu. This will cause all players in your group to become enemies of one another. Players will respawn in the caves.
  • A charge tower is located at the bottom of the far-right cave (when looking at the caves), and recharges quickly.
  • With the exception of the Evac Tower, survival items are obtainable only through Lifeline's Care Package Care Package. However, they do not do anything as there is no Ring or Banner retrieval available.
  • All Legends are playable here, including Legends that the player has not unlocked.

Challenge[ | ]

Prior to the Season 17 overhaul, weapon challenges were available in the Range. Some of the firing lanes had an isolated weapon holder in their center. Activating the holder will start the challenge for that particular weapon.

  • All weapons have infinite ammo reserve.
  • Player is restricted within a highlight square, are not able to use any abilities, but can move around as needed.
  • You have 60 seconds to land as many shots as possible on blue (valid) targets. The challenge's timer begin when the first target is shot.
  • Once the timer reaches 0, it will show your Number Shots hit, Accuracy, Damage done, and Critical hits.

Available Challenges:

  • Scout of Action - G7 Scout
    • Center firing lane
    • Attachments: Epic Barrel Stabilizer, 2x HCOG; Golden Magazine (clip size: 20), Epic Sniper Stock
    • 11 Static targets arranged in 4 rows of different distance and height. During challenge, the valid target will flip to blue.
    • Tracker Score: Shots (targets) Hit
  • Jackson's Bow Out - Bocek
    • Leftmost firing lane
    • Attachments: 1x-2x Variable Holo, Shatter Caps, Deadeye's Tempo
    • 1 target along 1 row, moves left and right perpendicular to the firing lane. During challenge, target will occasionally flip from blue (valid) to red (invalid), and occasionally change direction mid-travel.
    • Tracker Score: Damage Dealt
  • Smoke Show Challenge - P2020
    • Between leftmost firing lane and the firing lane next to it, at the front.
    • Attachment: 1x Digital Threat, Golden Magazine (clip size: 21), Hammerpoint Rounds
    • Once started, a plume of smoke appears across the Firing Range, with 1x DUMMIE (HP: 160) randomly spawning within. Initially, DUMMIEs will be stationary, eventually changing to moving around. The player must use the Digital Threat scope to find and shoot the DUMMIEs.
      • 1st target will be low health to start
    • Tracker Score: Damage Dealt

Places of Interest[ | ]

Firing Range[ | ]

A reorganized Weapons & Loot layout allows players to find what they’re looking for quickly and efficiently. Simulated death boxes allow you to grab your favorite loot from anywhere in the Range. A Nessie can be found here.

Raven's Nest[ | ]

An elevated platform located above the spawn cave that overlooks the Training Grounds and Range. A death box can be found here.

Training Grounds[ | ]

It allows you to practice fighting in a simulated combat experience. Several death boxes and various types of Loot can be found scattered throughout the buildings.

Wolf's Peak[ | ]

Marked with a red flag, this is on top of the mountain behind the town. A Nessie, dog plush, and death box can be found here.

The Belfry[ | ]

Located on top of the central tower, a Nessie can be found here.

Agility Course[ | ]

This area is designed for players to practice their movement skills. A couple Launch Pads can be found below the platforms. Entrances to the Tech Tunnel are also found here.

Tech Tunnel[ | ]

A long tunnel with red lighting, probably for players to practice sliding under and vaulting obstacles.

The Pit[ | ]

Also called the "Duel Pit", it is "designed for you to duke it out with friends and finally settle the debate on who has the fastest Wingman in the Outlands."

Additional Functions[ | ]

Additional functions can be activated through the range customization menu.

Customizable Dummies[ | ]

Dummies can be configured to spawn, move, and shoot at players in a variety of ways. Change the settings to find the experience that best serves your needs. Turn on Full Combat mode to have the Dummies come to life and aggressively attack you all over the Firing Range!

Improved Targets[ | ]

Infinitely shootable targets will light up different colors to give you feedback for where you hit them. Turn on Hit Markers in the Customize Range settings to learn shot patterns for the myriad of available weapons.

Improved Dynamic Stats[ | ]

Dynamic Stats that track your performance in real time can now be manually reset so you can use it in any manner you wish.

Nessie Easter Eggs[ | ]

There are 15 collectable Nessies hidden throughout the Firing Range. 10 of these Nessies are the normal Green color and can be found throughout the map's POIs, and the other 5 are different colors and can only be obtained by doing specific actions. These special Nessies come in the colors Pink, Red, Blue, Gold, and the Balloon Nessie.

Locations[ | ]

  • Green Nessie #1 - Can be found next to the Supply Drop Weapons rack.
  • Green Nessie #2 - Can be found atop the Belfry Tower.
  • Green Nessie #3 - Can be found on the out-of-bounds ledge in the far right corner of the Firing Range.
  • Green Nessie #4 - Can be found on the Supply Box atop the Wolf's Peak mountain.
  • Green Nessie #5 - Can be found on one of the seats inside the dropship located in the middle-back of the Firing Range.
  • Green Nessie #6 - Can be found on a pine tree straight behind the tank vehicle in the back of the Firing Range. (Revenant is recommended to obtain this Nessie with his Assassin's Instinct Assassin's Instinct passive.
  • Green Nessie #7 - Can be found on a ledge of the island located in the far back of the Firing Range.
  • Green Nessie #8 - Can be found lined up next to Wattson plushies on a small ledge right behind the Duel Pit.
  • Green Nessie #9 - Can be found in the far-left spawn room at the right side of the exit.
  • Green Nessie #10 - Can be found under the back of the stairs on the center building connected to the Belfry.
  • Pink Nessie - Will only spawn when a player kills 100 DUMMIEs. When the task is completed, the Nessie can be found on the very edge of the zipline rail on the Belfry tower.
  • Red Nessie - The player must use Ballistic to complete this task. The player must pick up an R-99, an EVA-8, and a Devotion in this order (RED). The Devotion goes into the Sling Sling.
    • You must:
    • Kill a DUMMIE mid-air with the R-99.
    • Kill a DUMMIE from more than 80 meters aways with the EVA-8.
    • Kill a DUMMIE while on the dropship with the last bullet of the Devotion mag.
    • When the task is completed, the Nessie will spawn on a DUMMIEs head, located on the small island separated from the main Firing Range.
  • Blue Nessie - Can be found on top of the building in the centre after killing a dummy with a headshot by throwing the Throwing Knife while aiming it upwards.
  • Gold Nessie - The player must visit all POIs, pick up a weapon and use the charge tower once. The player must also spend five minutes in the firing range before the Gold Nessie spawns behind the player’s spawn point.
  • Balloon Nessie - The player must collect at least 10 Nessies and place them in a circle, then deploy an Evac Tower Evac Tower in the center of the circle. A Balloon Nessie will spawn right above the Evac Tower. There is no limit to how many Balloon Nessies can be spawned by the player.

Trivia[ | ]

  • Pre-Season 17, Third-Person Mode and Hostile DUMMIEs could only be activated through easter eggs.
  • Ballistic will occasionally speak through the Range's sound system.
  • If featured while entering the Range, Bangalore will occasionally say "Ah man, feels like I just walked straight out of the barracks for morning training. Gotta appreciate havin' a place like this."
  • The DUMMIEs' color depends upon their shield rarity.

History[ | ]