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Flyer anatomy
Health 250
Appears on Kings Canyon
Storm Point

Flyers are a species of pterodactyl-like creature found on many planets in the Frontier. In-game, they are NPC enemies found on Kings Canyon and Storm Point.

Behavior[ | ]

Flyers spawn at high altitudes on Kings Canyon and Storm Point. Some flyers spawn perched on high cliffs, while others fly slowly around an area. Shooting or approaching a perched flyer will cause it to take off, and shooting an already flying flyer will startle it, but flyers do not actually attack players in any way. Flyers have 250 health, and drop nothing if they die; however, all flyers spawn carrying a Death Box containing various loot items, which they can drop after taking damage.

To guarantee a flyer will drop its death box in the fewest number of shots, startle it by approaching or shooting it once, then wait for it to flap its wings three times, then shoot it again.

Lore[ | ]

The Flyer (Volaticus locustodraco)[1] is a species of large creature with four wings and two legs with sharp talons. The beak of a flyer is strong enough to pierce nine inch armor plating.[2] Flyers have been known to attack anything from wild Prowlers to IMC infantry. Originally found on the planet Leviathan, the flyer has since spread to most planets in the Frontier and the Outlands, seemingly because of the IMC transporting them across the galaxy.

Throughout the Frontier, settlements use Repulsor Towers to emit a high-pitched sound inaudible to humans, but which drives away flyers and other fauna. In Kings Canyon, the local Repulsor tower was destroyed by an EMP from an unknown attacker, causing flyers and leviathans to invade the island.

Trivia[ | ]

  • If you play without anyone on your friends list, the death boxes dropped by flyers will pull names from an internal list of developers instead.
  • Flyer meat tastes gamey.[3]
  • Flyers mourn their dead.[4]

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References[ | ]

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