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Forever Family
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Release date Sep 19, 2019
Production Passion Pictures [1]
Length 2:53
Promotes Season 3

Forever Family is a Stories from the Outlands animated short released on September 19, 2019, to promote Season 3 Season 3.

Synopsis[ | ]

In his apartment in Suotamo, Gaea, Tae Joon Park runs diagnostics on the Apex Games broadcast system, while his adoptive sister Mila Alexander eats takeout. He runs into difficulty accessing some files, but after running decryption using an interface package Mila developed, the two stumble upon a sophisticated prediction algorithm which uses data from inside the Games to predict the next winner. Mila sees this as an opportunity and wants to save a copy of the algorithm, but Park insists it's too risky to get on the Syndicate's bad side. Mila heads home, and Park falls asleep in bed.

The next morning, Park awakens to see false news reports, some claiming Mila was abducted, others that she was killed, but all claim that he is the culprit. Checking his files, Park finds that Mila downloaded a copy of the algorithm after all. Just then, Park's security cameras alert him to Syndicate agents outside his apartment; thinking fast, he wipes all the data on his computer, grabs a few items of personal significance, and barely manages to exit through the window as the agents enter and open fire. Park flees through the city streets, using a small EMP to take out drones and hacking open a door with his own drone to escape.

Now a wanted criminal, Tae Joon Park completely changes his appearance and adopts a new identity: Crypto.

Details and easter eggs[ | ]

  • This short takes place in late 2731, two years before the story of Apex Legends begins.
  • Tae Joon Park has a poster of Caustic on his wall.
  • One of the items Park takes with him his a framed photo of himself, Mila, and their adoptive mother Mystik.
  • The dumpster immediately beneath Park's window has graffiti on it that says "Mozambique is trash".
  • Crypto's appearance in this short was later turned into the Inconspicuous skin, released in the Genesis event.

References[ | ]