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Fortune's Favor Launch Trailer
YTtn s05 launch
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Release date May 05, 2020
Production The Mill [1]
Length 2:27
Promotes Season 5

The Fortune's Favor Launch Trailer is an animated short released on May 05, 2020, to promote Season 5 Season 5.

Synopsis[ | ]

In a facility underneath Skull Town, Kings Canyon during an Apex Games match, Loba sneaks through a door by sliding her jump drive bracelet underneath. She lights a flare and is startled by an inactive Revenant shell; moving deeper into the facility she finds hundreds more. She approaches a terminal in front of a large capsule in the center of the room, and hacks into it to open the capsule, revealing Revenant's 'source code', the original head of Kaleb Cross. Enraged by memories of what happened to her parents, Loba tries to simply shoot the head with her P2020. This activates a security measure which teleports the head to another facility somewhere on Psamathe, and unleashes an army of Stalkers. Loba steals an R-301 from one using her Black Market Boutique Black Market Boutique and opens fire on the Stalkers, then once out of ammo begins fighting them with her staff.

She lures several Stalkers to the low ground and detonates a bomb, but this causes far more damage than she intended and causes the whole facility to collapse. Using her jump drive, she makes it to the surface as the entire southwestern corner of Kings Canyon collapses into the Duchess River. The legends gather around Loba, and Revenant immediately recognizes her as the daughter of Marcos Andrade. Loba promises she'll kill Revenant someday, and shoots him in the head with her P2020.

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