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Real Name Francis
Nickname Franny (by Rampart)
Gender Female
Homeworld Gaea
Occupation Gang member
Status Alive
Real-world Info
Voice Actor Allegra Clark
Appearances The Endorsement

Francis is a member of The Sisters active on Gaea.

Lore[ | ]

Background[ | ]

Francis was born on Gaea. At a certain point, she joined The Sisters, a gang led by the mysterious Big Sister, becoming one of her top enforcers. At a certain point, she was told by Big Sister to instruct Ramya Parekh to intentionally lose a gauntlet match. However, Parekh refused and won anyway.

The Endorsement[ | ]

After Parekh won the match, she and a group of gang members confronted her at her shop. A fight broke out, where Parekh initially came out on top. However, she was distracted by Big Sister's arrival, allowing Francis to disarm Parekh and burn her shop to the ground.[1]

Season 10[ | ]

After Parekh opened a new branch of her shop in World's Edge, Francis called her, warning that Big Sister was still watching her.

Season 16[ | ]

Near the anniversary of the Apex Games, Big Sister sent Francis to Rampart's shop in an attempt to win her back, seeing the modder as a potential asset after becoming a legitimate business. After walking in on Rampart tinkering with a Nemesis Burst AR, Francis laid out her offer, going as far as to offer to demonstrate how the rifle works. However, she was met with a violent refusal from Rampart.[2]

Appearances[ | ]

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  • Season 10 Icon Not So Far From The Tree (mentioned)

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