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Syndicate Corps
Syndicate Corps Icon
Subsidiary of Mercenary Syndicate
Leader Cherisse Che
Services Humanitarian aid
Founded 2711

The Syndicate Corps, formerly the Frontier Corps, is an interplanetary humanitarian agency. Lifeline was a long-time volunteer before its hostile takeover.

History[ | ]

The Frontier Corps was founded in 2711 as a publicly funded volunteer program whose primary mission is to provide social, medical, and economic development support throughout the Frontier while promoting mutual understanding among citizens.[1] Prior to its reformation and rebranding in 2734, it was led by the President of the Frontier Corps.[2] Lifeline had been using her winnings in the Apex Games to help fund this organization.

After Torres Silva (under the guise of Eduardo Silva) was elected as the head of the Mercenary Syndicate council in 2734, he reformed the Frontier Corps into the Syndicate Corps, placing Cherisse Che at its head. After this point, the organization was fully funded by the Syndicate. Lifeline was listed as the spokesperson for the Syndicate Corps, likely unwillingly.[3]

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