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The Frontier War is a war waged between the Frontier Militia and the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation and its various affiliates and subsidiaries for control of The Frontier.

The events of the war are prominently featured in the Titanfall games.nkojiujhyugy

Background[ | ]

When the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation (IMC) returned to the Frontier, they saw the region and its citizens thriving as well as abundance of resources. They declared eminent domain over the region. This caused high tension between the Frontier citizens and the IMC that exploded into the Titan Wars in 2671. After 21 years of conflict, IMC emerged victorious. However, the Frontier Militia did not give up and they would regroup in the hopes that one day they can push the IMC away from their homes.

The War[ | ]

Thanks to new intel and resupplying their forces, the Frontier Militia struck at the IMC in 2707, beginning the war. However, the IMC had the numbers and its Vice Admiral Marcus Graves leading their forces pursued the Militia's 1st Fleet, wearing down their supplies. In 2710, Frontier Militia conducted a raid on an IMC refueling facility dubbed Fracture Operation to steal vital fuel. Milita forces retreated to Sector Bravo-217 to hide. However, this retreat exposed Colony G21 and the wreckage of IMS Odyssey to the IMC, leading them to send Spectre units to massacre or capture the colonists. Frontier Militia forces responded to the massacre and attempted a rescue to James MacAllan, an ex-IMC officer. After the Militia successfully extracted MacAllan and a handful of survivors, the faction would go on the offensive. They managed to cripple the IMC's flagship IMS Sentinel, and destroying the Fleet stationed at Airbase Sierra. But the Battle of Demeter is where the balance changes in the war.

Battle of Demeter[ | ]

Under MacAllan's command, the Militia conducted an assault to Demeter in the hopes to destroy the gateway that serves as logistics for IMC reinforcements in the Core Systems. Despite the IMC's best efforts to stop them, the Militia manages to destroy the Gateway, effectively leaving the IMC forces in the Frontier stranded without backup. The conclusion of the battle shifted the tides of the war to the Militia's favor

Post-Demeter Conflicts[ | ]

In the aftermath of Demeter, many IMC human personnel including Vice Admiral Marcus Graves defected to the Milita's cause. Following the defection of Marcus Graves, Spyglass would act in command of the Remnant Fleet, enacting hostility towards IMC and Militia alike. Despite the IMC's resistance, they slowly lost ground to the Militia as they grew into an professional army with supply chains and logistics. The Militia would begin to create their own war material, such as Vanguard-chassis Titans and MacAllan-class Cruisers, lessening the need for them to steal supplies from IMC garrisons.

The Militia would also enact Operation: Broadsword, an initiative to make offensive attacks against the IMC and push them back from the Frontier

Battle of Typhon[ | ]

5 years after the Battle of Demeter, the Militia would make an assault on the planet Typhon, believing it to be a simple outpost. However, the 9th Militia Fleet sent to assault the planet was decimated by heavy orbital defenses, leaving Militia forces scattered and forced to regroup while being hunted by IMC armed forces and the planet's fauna.

What's more, it is revealed that the IMC's ARES Division under the command of General Marder are planning to use the Fold Weapon with The Ark as its energy source to decimate Frontier planets, including Harmony, to force the Militia into submission.

However, one militia survivor named Jack Cooper would use his newfound Pilot equipment given to him by Captain Lastimosa to help turn the tides of the battle with the help of his Titan BT-7274. Cooper and BT were involved in decimating members of the Apex Predators mercenary group, finding the Ark's source, and sending a distress signal to Militia Command to assault the Fold Weapon.

Despite the efforts of the IMC and the Apex Predators, the battle saw its conclusion in Militia victory with Cooper's Titan BT sacrificing himself to destroy the Fold Weapon, which would also destroy Typhon. The destruction of Typhon also caused the death of thousands of IMC personnel stationed on the planet, including Zeke Williams, the brother of Anita Williams and Jackson Williams.

Battle of Gridiron[ | ]

With the Apex Predators leaving after their contract fulfilled and the loss of their forces as well as the loss of Typhon, IMC was on the defensive. It was only a matter of time before the Militia would surround Gridiron. It is unknown how the battle concluded, but it's presumed that the Militia won the battle. However, both factions had their resources spent and unable to wage more battles, spelling the end of the Frontier War.

After the battle was concluded, a communications blackout started. This extinguished all sources of communication within the Frontier, including Gridiron.

Aftermath[ | ]

The aftermath of the war left a power vacuum. While the Outlands was not as affected by the Frontier War due to being a remote section of the region, the retreat of IMC from the Outlands caused a civil war that lasted seven years from 2716 to 2723 as it concluded with the Mercenary Syndicate acting as the governing body of the Outlands, ruling over initially six planets.

Furthermore, many people who were left behind in the Frontier would also travel to the Outlands, hoping to gain a new start. To bring hope to the people, the Syndicate established the Apex Games, a televised bloodsport where participants can fight their way to win and become a legend. Some former IMC facilities such as Kings Canyon and Storm Point and other places like Olympus and World's Edge were converted into arenas.

Despite the relative peace in the Outlands in recent years, danger is still lurking around the corner. Be it criminal gangs, vicious warlords, or corporate executives with ambitious plans, the balance of power in the Outlands is a tenuous one.