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Frontline Battalion
Frontline Battalion
Type Phase Heist
Start date June 24 2022
End date July 13 2022
Duration 19 days
During Season 1.5 (Mobile) Season 1.5 (Mobile)

Frontline Battalion is a Phase Heist Event for Season 1 (Mobile) Icon Season 1.5 of Apex Legends Mobile, focusing on Bangalore and Caustic.

Phase Heist[ | ]

During a Phase Heist, players can spend Syndicate Gold 30 to obtain a random reward from the loot pool. If a Coordinates Chip is obtained, the player will be rewarded a cosmetic from the Phase Vault loot pool.

Cosmetics[ | ]

Legend Skins[ | ]

Weapon Skins[ | ]

Triple Take

Cutting It Close Hemlok Mobile.png|Cutting It Close
Hemlok Burst AR </gallery>

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