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Back on Salvo, when I was just a whelp with two arms, two eyes, and zero clue, my merc group got hired by a dairy farmer to bash some meatheads he thought were killin’ his livestock at night until he paid up. So we watched the fields, eatin’ the farmer’s cheese when a bloody massive momma Prowler is on us. She’d been the one wreckin’ the farmer’s lives, and she set to wreckin’ ours by swallowin’ my best mate. So I dove in after her. I was neck-deep in her neck when I realized I didn’t have a plan to get us out. With classic timing, that farmer’s cheese turned over in my guts, and it came to me. I pulled the pins off every gas grenade we had. The momma ripped a huge belch, pal and me go flyin’, and the Momma barreled off, gas comin’ out both ends. The farmers tried to pay us in cheese, but I nearly had a spew. So they gave me a guitar instead. And that’s the story of my first six-string.[1]
Explosives Enthusiast
Real Name Walter Fitzroy Jr.[2]
Gender Male
Age 54
Home World Salvo
Legend Type Offensive.svg Offensive
Tactical Ability Knuckle Cluster.svg Knuckle Cluster
Passive Ability Grenadier.svg Grenadier
Ultimate Ability The Motherlode.svg The Motherlode
Real-world Info
Voice Actor Ben Prendergast

Fuse is a Legend introduced in Season 8.svg Season 8 that is locked from the base game. He can be unlocked using digital currency: either Legend Tokens 12,000 or Apex Coins 750.

Fuse is an Offensive.svg Offensive Legend who specializes in explosives. His tactical ability Knuckle Cluster.svg Knuckle Cluster shoots a cluster bomb that sticks to surfaces and slows and damages any enemy near it. His passive ability Grenadier.svg Grenadier allows him to hold 2 grenades per inventory slot and throw them farther, faster, and more accurately. His ultimate ability The Motherlode.svg The Motherlode creates a ring of damaging and scanning fire around a targeted location.


Knuckle Cluster[]

Knuckle Cluster.svg Tactical Q/LB/L1/LB
Knuckle Cluster
Description Launch a cluster bomb that continuously expels airburst explosives on impact.
Cooldown 20 seconds

  • You can hold up to two charges of this ability, and gain one charge every 20 seconds.
  • Sticks to a surface or enemy and explodes into multiple mini-explosions after about 1.5 seconds, dealing up to 50 damage per use.
    • The initial stick deals 10 damage if it hits an enemy. The mini-explosions are fixed on the point where the initial explosion sets off.
    • Doesn’t affect teammates, but still affects Fuse himself.
  • Holding the Tactical button delays the launch. Switching weapons cancels the ability if not needed.

  • Can destroy doors.
  • Can be stuck to Crypto’s Surveillance Drone.svg Surveillance Drone.
  • Can disable Caustic's Nox Gas Trap.svg Nox Gas Traps.
  • A single cluster can destroy Loba's Black Market Boutique.svg Black Market Boutique, Revenant's Death Totem.svg Death Totem and Rampart's Amped Cover.svg Amped Cover.
  • Can be intercepted by Wattson’s Interception Pylon.svg Interception Pylon.

  • Hit players who are at a tough angle or at a corner where there is no line of sight.
  • This ability is best used on a group of enemies indoors at mid- to long-range.
  • Be careful using this in indoor fights: it's easy to accidentally destroy doors you might want to keep intact for cover.

  • Grenadier[]

    Grenadier.svg Passive
    Description Stack an extra grenade per inventory slot. Fire grenades farther, faster, and more accurately.

    • Fires grenades with the grenade launcher on Fuse’s right arm. Grenades fired this way travel faster and further, and Fuse can track the bounces of Frag Grenade.svg Frag Grenades.
    • Fuse can hold 2 Thermite Grenade.svg Thermite Grenades, Frag Grenade.svg Frag Grenades, and Arc Star.svg Arc Stars per inventory slot, instead of the usual 1.
    • Fuse's enhanced throw power can be toggled on and off by pressing the utility action button (default H/Down/Down) while holding a grenade.

  • Fuse will pick up two grenades, instead of one, when using Loba’s Black Market Boutique.svg Black Market Boutique.

  • Fuse can hold up to 6 grenades in Arenas, instead of 3, thanks to this passive. He can also hold up to 6 of the same grenade, unlike other Legends, who can only hold 3 grenades regardless of what type.

  • Keep in mind that Frag Grenade.svg Frag Grenades will bounce off walls even harder thanks to the extra speed. Use this to your advantage to attack enemies without a direct line of sight.
  • Try to carry as many grenades as possible. It is best to carry one slot of each type of grenade to maximize the use of your passive.
  • Turning off the enhanced throw power will make it easier to throw grenades into the sky, where they will land on your enemies.

  • This ability can persist when changing characters in the Firing Range.
  • There is a glitch (in the Firing Range) where Fuse can hold an infinite amount of grenades per slot by filling your entire inventory with grenades, changing legends, dropping one grenade, then changing back to Fuse and filling your inventory again. (Note that you’ll have to do this process again once your inventory fills up again)
  • Occasionally, after a grenade is launched, and there are no more grenades in your inventory, it can look like you have one ready to launch, but it won’t actually do anything. This will go away if you take out your weapon or holster.

  • The Motherlode[]

    The Motherlode.svg Ultimate Z/LB+RB/L1+R1/LB+RB
    The Motherlode
    Description Launch a bombardment that encircles a target in a wall of flame.
    Charge time 2 minutes

    • Explodes mid-air and splits into multiple fire bombs, which upon hitting the ground create a ring of fire.
      • Certain map geometry can warp the shape of the ring.
    • Can be fired up to 200 meters away
    • ADS before launching for a 3x zoom.
    • Touching the ring of fire does 35 damage and lights enemies on fire, causing a 5 second burn effect that slows the player and does 8 (12 while on top of fire ring) damage per second (40 burn damage, 75 damage total [95 damage if you remain in the fire]).
      • If the burn effect ends before the ultimate expires, touching the fire will do 35 damage again and reapply the burn effect. Touching the fire while burning will not cause the initial 35 damage again until the burn effect ends.
      • Doesn’t damage squadmates, but affects Fuse himself.
    • Enemies inside the ring will be revealed to Fuse and his squadmates.
      • Enemies scanned by this ability will see 'MORTAR FLARE DETECTED' on their HUD.
    • Fire lasts for 17 seconds.

  • Can be destroyed by Wattson's Interception Pylon.svg Interception Pylon.
  • Can't be penetrated through Gibraltar's Dome of Protection.svg Dome of Protection

  • Launch grenades and use your Knuckle Cluster on enemies trapped inside the ring of fire. Often they will panic and be hit by either the grenades, the fire, or both. Thermites are especially effective at obscuring their vision and limiting their maneuverability within the fire.
  • Light chokepoints on fire to prevent enemies from chasing you especially when low on health.
  • If your enemies are close enough to the edge of the ring during close-range engagements, knock them into the fire using melee attacks.
  • Fire on top of downed enemies to prevent them from both escaping and being revived. Aim so that they are just inside the edge of the ring to land the fire on top of them and bypass their knockdown shield similar to using a thermite grenade (account for downed movement speed while aiming or use a finisher to prevent movement until the fire lands then cancel the finisher if other enemies are nearby). You want to make sure they are inside the ring when the ability lands and not outside of it or the ability is wasted. Punch downed enemies into the fire if this occurs.
  • The fire synergizes well with Gibraltar's Defensive Bombardment.svg Defensive Bombardment or Caustic's gas. For a more devastating effect, combine it with Horizon's Black Hole.svg Black Hole to stop enemies from escaping.
  • Be careful when using the ability indoors, as you can take damage from your own ultimate.

  • Lore[]

    Ladies’ man, man’s man, and all-round manly man, Fuse is a one-man wrecking crew... and he knows it. Fuse exudes joy; he’s a laid-back explosives enthusiast who’s damn near covered in things that go BOOM. Fuse doesn’t lack confidence, but he often lacks a plan. He’s a blow-up-first ask-questions-later kinda guy, who’s always looking for a good scrap.

    Fuse grew up on Salvo--a brutal planet ruled by a rotating collection of misfit warlords bent on mayhem, murder, and good times. For most of his life, he worked as a mercenary alongside his childhood friend, Maggie. But while she aspired to become one of Salvo’s most powerful warlords, Fuse felt the pull of the arena. Fuse found his calling late in life-fighting in Salvo’s bloodsport: the Bonecage. He proved to be the best, most charismatic, and beloved gladiator on the planet. But he itched to join the grandest stage of them all: the Apex Games. While Salvo remained a part of Independent Space that dream was impossible, but once they joined the Syndicate, his chance arrived. It came at a price, however -- Maggie wouldn’t let him go without a fight.

    Cosmetic Items[]


    There are a total of 51 Legend skins for Fuse, 8 Legendary, 7 Epic, 20 Rare, and 16 Common.


    1. Included in the Fuse Launch Bundle.
    2. Included in the Boared to Death Bundle.


    1. Real Steel: When Walter Fitzroy first started fighting in the Bonecage, he tried a few different personas before landing on essentially himself. There was Walt'titude, Mr. Biffo, and--a cult favorite--Timebomb.



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    • Encore - Crafting Metals 1,200
    • Quick Fix - Crafting Metals 400
    • Crowd Pleaser - Default

    Skydive Emotes[]

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    Music Packs[]

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    Loading Screens[]

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    Voice lines[]



    • On January 15, 2021, Kings Canyon was brought back into the rotation along with a ship that appeared on all maps with a marquee saying "SALVO JOINING SYNDICATE". The ship has crashed on Kings Canyon, and since then has opened up a new gameplay space on the map, known as Crash Site.
      • On the same day, the Apex Legends Twitter account tweeted a poster celebrating Syndicate and Salvo's unification being defaced by the Salvo M.C.
    • From January 16-21, 2021, a bomb, Fuse's ultimate The Motherlode.svg The Motherlode, would come falling from the sky when Rings 4 and 5 would begin counting down, except that instead of spontaneously exploding, it would explode after being shot.
    • On January 17, 2021, the Apex Legends Twitter account tweeted another poster written "Salvo presents the... Ambassador of BOOM!" under Fuse's silhouette. This poster is also vandalized with the word "TRAITOR" over it with a skull similar to the previous one of Salvo M.C.
    • On January 18, 2021, "Good as Gold" was released.
    • On January 20, 2021, the Apex Legends Twitter account tweeted a third poster as a ceremony invite with an image of an IMS Thermopylae ship. It is also defaced in the same fashion as the previous ones with the phrase: "Time to knock the bastards off!".
    • On January 21, 2021, the Season 8 Launch Trailer was released.
    • On January 26, 2021, the Season 8 Gameplay Trailer was released.


    • Fuse was the oldest fighter ever to qualify for the Bonecage bloodsport at the age of 51. He also made history by winning 21 straight matches - 8 more than the previous record.
    • Even though Fuse speaks Australian English, when asked if he would say "a certain c-word" in a T-rated game, Tom Casiello responded that they would like to but they received a "hard no" from America's ESRB, though other rating boards were fine with it.[3]
    • Fuse's cannon is named Wally. Wally is also the nickname of Fuse himself, used by Maggie.
    • Fuse is pansexual.[4][5]
    • Fuse shares some similarities with the fake Legend Forge: They are both Caucasian males fighters with a robotic arm and a white streak in their hair. Their names are also somewhat similar.
      • When Forge was announced as the Season 4.svg Season 4 Legend, lead writer Manny Hagopian accidentally tweeted "Fuse" instead.[6] This was 1 year before Fuse was released.
      • In both "Good as Gold" and the Season 8 Launch Trailer, Fuse had a fake-out death. This is a reference to the fact that Forge was killed in his trailer before he could enter the Games. Manny Hagopian even commented that, in a way, he killed Forge twice.[7]
      • In the Season 8 Launch Trailer, one of the signs says "Fuse Forged by Salvo" as another nod to Forge.
    • Fuse's Dread Captain skin is a reference to Cervantes, a character from the Soul Calibur franchise.
    • Back in development, Fuse’s ultimate, The Motherlode.svg The Motherlode, was a big bomb that would launch similarly to how it does now, but then just land, explode, and kill anyone nearby.
    • Fuse's quote on the official website is a reference to Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, a song by the Australian rock band AC/DC.
    • Fuse's Knuckle Cluster tactical is slightly derived from the Cluster Missle Titan Ordnance kit. Though instead of a missile that explodes into clusters on impact, he fires a grenade that sticks to surfaces and explodes into clusters after a short delay.