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Real Name Walter Fitzroy Jr.
Alias Walt'titude (formerly)
Mr. Biffo (formerly)
Timebomb (formerly)
Nickname Wally
Gender Male
Pronouns He/him
Age 55
Relatives Walter Fitzroy Sr. (father)
Blódhundr (partner)
Homeworld Salvo
Occupation Gladiator
Mercenary (formerly)
Status Alive
Real-world Info
Voice Actor Ben Prendergast
Appearances Good as Gold
The Perfect Son

Walter Fitzroy Jr., better known as Fuse, is a Legend first introduced in Season 8 Season 8 of Apex Legends. A gladiator and mercenary from Salvo, the newest planet to join the Mercenary Syndicate, he joined the Apex Games to find an even greater fight.

Lore[ | ]

Background[ | ]

Walter “Fuse” Fitzroy Jr. was born on the brutal planet Salvo in 2680, growing up alongside his closest friend, Margaret Kōhere. Fitzroy had a rough home life, with his parents often fighting[1] and he often found solace in Maggie's friendship. One day, while exploring, the pair came across a golden hand grenade clutched by the corpse of a deceased freedom fighter. The two claimed the grenade as their own, occasionally passing it back and forth as a symbol of their bond.[2] Throughout their schooling, Fitzroy and Maggie were seen as troublemakers, with the pair often being separated during classes due to their antics. [3]

Transition Full Potential

Young Fuse and Maggie.

Fitzroy nearly drowned once off the coast of a region called Matakana, but was saved by Maggie’s intervention. [4]

In 2687, Maggie spirited Fitzroy away from one of his parents' fights, giving him his first guitar.[1] He would later invent a story that he received the guitar as payment for protecting a farmer's cattle from Prowlers.[5]

At some point, Fitzroy beat Sandringham Kelly in a fight.[2]

Good as Gold[ | ]

Over the years, Fitzroy and Maggie were a powerful and inseparable pair, though despite a great amount of victories in various scuffles, they began to drift apart late in their lives. While Maggie became fully invested in Salvo’s independence movement, Fitzroy felt the allure of bloodsport. He became the oldest competitor in Salvo’s Bonecage competition at the age of 51, garnering a record-setting win streak of 21 matches. [6]

In 2734[6], Salvo became the seventh planet to join the Syndicate Alliance of Free Worlds, and Fitzroy was selected as the next Legend to join the Apex Games. This turn of events greatly angered Maggie, who opposed any future for Salvo aside from the independence they had. In a fit of rage, she pulled the pin on the pair’s grenade and flung it at Fitzroy, blowing off his right arm. He departed Salvo afterwards, replacing his lost limb with an upgraded prosthesis. [2]

Fuse loses his arm

Fuse loses his arm.

Season 8 Launch Trailer[ | ]

Fitzroy hosted a welcoming party on Solace, riding into Kings Canyon on a refurbished IMS Thermopylae.[7] During the ceremony, Maggie hacked into the Thermopylae's systems, demanding the delivery of Fitzroy’s other arm. She then hijacked the ship’s artillery cannons, forcing Fitzroy to use a grenade to destroy its systems. Maggie finally set off explosives she had planted around the arena, causing the destruction of most of the surrounding area and the crashing of the Thermopylae in the north of Kings Canyon. Afterwards, he conveyed his backstory to the other Legends and took part in a match of the Apex Games.

Armageddon[ | ]

"The Games make me feel... alive. Like I've found my place... Spent a whole lotta years not being able to say that... They're called Legends for more reasons than you might think. They're good people. And if they'll have me... They're my people."
— Fuse

Fitzroy, unwilling to put the other Legends in danger, was ready to give up his other arm. However, he was dissuaded from this by Bloodhound and Lifeline, who offered their support to hunt down Maggie.[8] Encountering her, she captured the three Legends and attempted to persuade Fitzroy into returning to Salvo. He refused, and the three escaped with Maggie and her forces in pursuit.[9] After a chase, Fitzroy and Maggie were left hanging off the side of a building. Maggie refused his help and fell, with Fitzroy assuming her dead.[10] Fitzroy was incredibly hurt by the supposed death of his first friend, and engaged in heavy drinking afterward, writing a sincere posthumous letter to Maggie in the process. [4]

The Legacy Antigen[ | ]

Fitzroy assisted the Legends in finding a cure for the Medusa outbreak, traveling to Gaea to hunt Carthage Spiders with Bloodhound. [11] The two later assisted in freeing Loba, Valkyrie, Crypto, and Caustic from the spiders' den.[12]

After the Medusa Vines outbreak ended, the Legends gathered at the Paradise Lounge. There, he gave a toast to Bloodhound in attempted Icelandic. Bloodhound, touched by the gesture, returned the favor by giving a toast to “more buttsmacks,” causing the pair to erupt in laughter. [13]

Season 10[ | ]

Fitzroy, noticing Bloodhound’s distress over the declining state of Talos, wrote them a letter offering his sympathy and support.[14]

Shortly before Maggie's scheduled execution, Fitzroy received a letter from his old friend. However, he refused to open it. [15][16]

Season 12[ | ]

Transition Tuesday Nights at Paradise Lounge

Mad Maggie returns from the dead.

After Maggie joined the Apex Games, Fitzroy became distraught, upset over his past constantly returning "vividly and in person," as well as the fact that he can't seem to have a period of relative peace in his life. He began binge drinking at the Paradise Lounge, where Horizon met him and discussed his sorrows. [17]

The Perfect Son[ | ]

During an Apex Games match on Storm Point, Fitzroy was placed on a team with Lifeline and Maggie. He and Maggie focused their fire on a swarm of Carthage spiders while a distraught Lifeline lamented about Octane's impulsiveness. The two offered their own advice - Maggie stated that the only person Lifeline can depend on is herself, and Fitzroy stated that it's good to rely on one's friends, but they should always be given space. The two began to bitterly fight over their responses, with Maggie branding him a traitor and Fitzroy defending his departure from Salvo, stating that "it takes strength to walk away from everything ya know." During their argument, Lifeline had to single-handedly fend off a second swarm of spiders, with the two only joining after personally being attacked. [18]

At some point, Fitzroy and Bloodhound began to develop romantic feelings for each other.[19]

Season 13 Launch Trailer[ | ]

Fitzroy assisted in fighting the beast that came ashore on Storm Point. However, he was almost immediately defeated by the creature.[20]

Season 14 Launch Trailer[ | ]

Fitzroy competed in a match with Horizon and Vantage. Though he initially doubted the latter's abilities because of her age, the trio won the match.[21]

Friends Like These[ | ]

Eventually, Bloodhound decided that the damage to Talos was too great. Fitzroy began assisting them in relocating the village to the vicinity of Storm Point.[22] While preparing for this, the two were visited by Vantage, who was seeking to make friends. The two offered their own advice, with Fitzroy telling Vantage to not listen to anything Mirage says. Vantage additionally pointed out the feelings between the two, flustering both. The young hunter then left the two.[19]

Soon after, Fitzroy and Bloodhound embarked on a hunting trip, where he proposed that they talk about the obvious feelings between the two. Bloodhound stated that, after their experience with Boone, they were afraid of losing another lover. Fitzroy told them that he was not going anywhere, and the two embraced and shared a kiss.[23]

Season 16[ | ]

Near the anniversary of the Apex Games, Lifeline attempted to recruit Fitzroy for an operation against the Mercenary Syndicate. However, Fitzroy refused this offer.[24] Fitzroy was later approached once more by Lifeline, who was seeking safe passage to Salvo.

While on Salvo, Fitzroy and Lifeline confronted members of the Cracked Talon in one of their hideouts. However, this quickly turned into a shootout, as the Cracked Talon were not pleased to see intruders, much less Fitzroy. Fitzroy was quickly shot at, but the bullet was blocked by his metal eyepatch. To ward off their attackers, Lifeline called in a Care Package Care Package, stopping the fight and crushing Mouth, a Cracked Talon mercenary, beneath the rubble. After a brief bout of torture, much to Fitzroy's shock, Mouth revealed a name to the two - Skudge, who was apparently an old associate of Fitzroy's. However, he quickly departed after seeing this, telling Lifeline that she was crossing lines she couldn't come back from.[25]

Season 18[ | ]

Not long before Fitzroy and Bloodhound's anniversary, he destroyed the guitar given to him by Maggie, severing the last tie between them. He was quickly approached and comforted by Bloodhound. During their heart-to-heart, the two decided to move in together at the tribe's new home on Gaea. Bloodhound later refurbished the broken guitar for Fitzroy as an early anniversary gift.[1]

Appearances[ | ]

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Transition Blurbs
  • Season 8 Icon [Insert Mourning Here] (mentioned)
  • Season 8 Icon Tickets, Please (mentioned)
  • Season 8 Icon The Freedom of Salvo (mentioned)
  • Season 8 Icon No Guts, No Glory
  • Season 9 Pour One Out
  • Season 10 Icon Eavesdroppin' a Line
  • Season 12 Tuesday Nights at Paradise Lounge
  • Season 14 Only a Mum (mentioned)

Trivia[ | ]

  • Fuse's mortar is named Wally. Wally is also the nickname of Fuse himself, used by Maggie.
  • Fuse is pansexual.[26]
  • Fuse shares some similarities with the fake Legend Forge: They are both Caucasian males fighters with a robotic arm and a mallen streak. Their names are also somewhat similar.
    • When Forge was announced as the Season 4 Season 4 Legend, lead writer Manny Hagopian accidentally tweeted "Fuse" instead.[27] This was 1 year before Fuse was released.
    • In both "Good as Gold" and the Season 8 Launch Trailer, Fuse had a fake-out death. This is a reference to the fact that Forge was killed in his trailer before he could enter the Games. Manny Hagopian even commented that, in a way, he killed Forge twice.[28]
    • In the Season 8 Launch Trailer, one of the signs says "Fuse Forged by Salvo" as another nod to Forge.
  • Fuse's bionic arm has severely impacted his handwriting ability with his right hand. [29]
  • Fuse used several aliases in the Bonecage before settling on his current name, including "Walt'titude," "Mr. Biffo," and "Timebomb." [30]
  • Fuse's reputation on Salvo has plummeted since he joined the Syndicate-sponsored Apex Games. [31]
  • In an interaction between Fuse and Mad Maggie, it is revealed that Fuse only has seven toes. It is currently unknown why.
  • Fuse prefers acoustic guitar.
    • Prior to his lost of his right arm, Fuse played guitar left-handed.
  • Fuse's favored weapon is the 30-30 Repeater.
    • This shares a connection with Maggie's favored weapon, the Mastiff Shotgun: both are semi-automatic weapons that reload one round at a time, both at one point accepted the Dual Shell Dual Shell Hop-Up, and both (conditionally) act as shotguns.
  • Fuse's story was written by Sam Gill.[32]
  • Fuse once won the recipe for the Koala Kola soda brand during a Bonecage match.[33]
  • Fuse is used as an image for Mercenary Syndicate propaganda during the Syndicate's occupation of Salvo.[34]


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