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Real Name Makoa Gibraltar
Nickname Koa (by Nik)
Gender Male
Pronouns He/him
Age 32
Height 6'5" (196 cm)[1]
Weight 292 lbs (132 kg)[1]
Relatives Pio Gibraltar (ancestor)
Dr. Aleki Gibraltar (grandfather, deceased)
Miko Gibraltar (father)
Leeki (aunt)
Samaria (niece)
Nikolas Gentile (ex-boyfriend)
Homeworld Solace (Little Mouse)
Occupation Search-and-rescue operator
Status Alive
Real-world Info
Voice Actor Branscombe Richmond
Appearances Family Portrait
The Legacy Antigen

Makoa Gibraltar, better known mononymously as Gibraltar, is a Legend first introduced at the launch of Apex Legends. A search-and-rescue operator from Solace, he joined the Apex Games to ensure that his fellow combatants return home safely.

Lore[ | ]

Background[ | ]

Makoa Gibraltar was born in 2703 on Solace. He was the son of Miko Gibraltar, a volunteer for the Search and Rescue Association of Solace (S.A.R.A.S.), and the grandson of Dr. Aleki Gibraltar, a scientist who worked on Project Iris in 2658. [2] Growing up, Gibraltar was told a fable of a little mouse, which served as an analogue to his ancestors’ journey to the Outlands on the IMS Nostros four hundred years prior. [3]

In the aftermath of the Frontier War, the IMC and the Frontier Militia both disappeared, leaving a power vacuum in the Frontier. As a result, the planets of the Outlands began to fight each other, leading to the Outlands Civil War. Gibraltar, disagreeing with his family’s isolationism in response to the War, ran away from home in 2717. He found a part-time job at the Thunderdome, working as cleaning and concessions staff. It was here that he met Nikolas Gentile. The pair soon entered a relationship and shared their first kiss at the arena.[3][4] During his time at the Thunderdome, Gibraltar often bet on a competitor named Ballistic.[5]

One night, the pair began talking about the war, and Gibraltar declared his intent to join the fighting. He convinced Nik to join him on this endeavor. Gibraltar snuck into his parents’ house to pack supplies. He also stole his father’s motorcycle, and he and Nik drove off to join the war. Gibraltar decided to take a shortcut through the Cascade Mountains, but heavy mud and reduced visibility from a storm resulted in him losing control and driving off of a cliff. Gibraltar was mostly unscathed, but Nik was unconscious with a broken leg.

S.A.R.A.S. and Gibraltar’s father quickly arrived at the scene. While they were quickly able to rescue Nik, a mudslide forced Gibraltar and Miko further down the slope, crushing the latter’s arm under a rock. After they were lifted out, Miko had lost his arm. [3]

While Gibraltar wished to tell the truth about the incident, Nik took the blame, believing that Gibraltar is “the guy who’s gonna save the world one day.” Nik was sent to juvenile detention for his role in the incident. Gibraltar has felt severe guilt over the situation since. [6]

Gibraltar wallpaper

Gibraltar doing S.A.R.A.S. work.

Gibraltar kept in contact with Nik after he was released from prison. In 2727, he learned that Nik had entered into a relationship with a woman named Vanessa. Though they were separated, their union resulted in a son, Michael, who initially idolized Gibraltar. He was shocked to learn this. [6]

In 2728, Nik decided to sue for sole custody of Michael. In retaliation, Vanessa told their son the truth about Nik’s past and his involvement with Gibraltar, completely souring the young boy’s opinion of the latter. Nik told Gibraltar this during a clandestine meeting in a park, but Michael found this out. [6]

In 2730[7], Gibraltar decided to become a competitor in the Apex Games to protect those who would otherwise not return. [8] Though he was initially hesitant to leave, his father supported him, giving his son his dome shield to help in combat. [3]

At some point, Gibraltar took a sabbatical from the Apex Games to complete work with S.A.R.A.S. He rejoined the Games in their 124th season.[9]

The Broken Ghost[ | ]

After Loba joined the Apex Games, she solicited the assistance of the other Legends (sans Revenant) to hunt down pieces of an artifact on an alternate Kings Canyon, in the Shadowfall dimension. [10]

At some point, Wattson is injured in the Shadowfall dimension. While she recovers from her injuries, Revenant comes to harass and threaten the legends. [11] Gibraltar, Bangalore, and Bloodhound suddenly return from the dimension to fend off their assailant. [12] Eventually, Revenant returns (in the form of Crypto’s drone) and reveals that there is a mole amongst the group, sowing distrust amongst the Legends. [13] Caustic immediately frames Crypto, severing the latter’s relationship with the other Legends, especially Wattson. [14] Gibraltar takes notice of this, and later confronts Caustic about his deceit. Caustic openly admits to feeding information to Revenant, with the intent of keeping Wattson and Crypto away from each other. The two’s ideals clash, with Caustic expressing his confidence that they are disparate now, and Gibraltar expressing his that they will come together again. [15]

After this encounter, Gibraltar attempted to meet with several of the Legends to try to make amends among the group. While he was unable to find Crypto, he met with Loba and Wattson, the latter of which stated that she needed time to process what had happened. [16]

Season 6[ | ]

Gibraltar visited Rampart’s shop with Bangalore to share a drink. [17] Later, making good on his promise to “bring [the Legends] back,” he wrote a letter to Wattson detailing how Caustic was the true mole. [18]

Overtime[ | ]

One Saturday in 2733, Gibraltar completed an Apex Games match on Kings Canyon, with his team securing victory. [19] After the match, he joined Bangalore and Loba at a restaurant, only to be suddenly pulled away when the former chases a passerby for his jacket, which she believes belonged to her brother. The group and the passerby are then met by a horde of stampeding prowlers. Gibraltar uses his dome shield to protect the group, only for the fourth man to be pulled out and killed by one. A distraught Gibraltar is consoled by Loba, who tells him that he can’t save everyone.

The three Legends were suddenly confronted by a group of armed men in a heavily-armed Trident, claiming that the slain man was with them. The Trident pursued, but was quickly fended off by one of Bangalore’s smoke canisters. However, the Trident’s crash took out a significant portion of Solace City’s power grid.

Gibraltar and the Legends soon arrived at a local hospital, only to be caught under debris from a landing dropship owned by Boss Willis of the Mercenary Syndicate. [20] Gibraltar used his dome shield to protect and rescue the Legends and the wounded patients. [21]

Family Portrait[ | ]

Gibraltar accompanied Lifeline, Octane, and Pathfinder to a Chevrex charity event to obtain an antique MRVN battery from Darion Che, Lifeline’s father. [22] By chance, he encountered Nik, who was annoyed to see his ex-lover. [23] Gibraltar attempted to apologize for their past again, but Nik stopped him, discussing his need to “live in ‘what-is’” instead of “playing ‘what-if.’” [24] Their conversation was interrupted by an explosion triggered by a terrorist group led by Creighton Sawtelle, who sought to take over Psamathe. The chaos knocked out one of the terrorists, leading Gibraltar to steal his armor and masquerade as a member of the group. [25] Sawtelle commanded Gibraltar to execute Lifeline, which allowed him to buy time for Pathfinder to disrupt their leader. The Legends successfully stopped the attack. [26]

Gibraltar and Nik talked after the incident and decided to reconnect over coffee soon. [27]

Transition Rose Colored Legends

Gibraltar battling Pathfinder.

Pathfinder's Quest[ | ]

Gibraltar met with Pathfinder when the latter sought answers regarding his creator. The two discussed S.A.R.A.S. and the settling of the Outlands. [3]

The Legacy Antigen[ | ]

Before a celebration of Pathfinder on Olympus, various houses on the arena became rentable between Apex Games matches. [28] Gibraltar rented one of these houses with his family and invited Nik and Michael for dinner. When the door knocked, he was instead met by Lifeline, who summoned him for a search and rescue emergency. He found Nik as he left and told him he won’t be long, unaware of the true circumstances of the event.

The Medusa outbreak quickly spread, leaving Michael sick. Gibraltar piloted a S.A.R.A.S. vessel to bring him to a hospital, but their landing area was overrun by Medusa vines. He jumped down to clear the area, breaking his leg in the process. In the hospital, Gibraltar consoled Nik, assuring him that a cure will be found and Michael will live. [6]

After the cure was developed, Nik thanked Gibraltar for keeping him sane, though remarked that Michael might never come around to realize the latter’s role in saving him. [29] He later visited Bangalore after she is cured, where she stated that her and Loba are “just friends.” [30]

Trouble in Paradise[ | ]

During an Apex Games match on Olympus, Gibraltar was placed on a team with Pathfinder and Ash. The latter attempted to access the Rift, searching for remnants from the Phase Runner accident. After telling her that very little, if anything, was recoverable from the site, the simulacrum decided to continue her search elsewhere. [31]

Season 13 Launch Trailer[ | ]

Gibraltar helped to prepare for Bangalore's retirement party.[32]

Soon after Newcastle joined the Apex Games, Gibraltar rescued a girl and her aunt after their transport ship collided with a Flyer and crashed. He later received a thank you letter from the girl, calling him her favorite Legend.[33]

Weekend Warriors[ | ]

By 2735, Gibraltar received a surge in calls for S.A.R.A.S. specifically requesting him. However, most of these ended up being hoaxes, with many exaggerating their dilemmas just to meet their favorite Legend or have a celebrity show up for an event. One weekend around the anniversary of the Apex Games, Gibraltar ventured to the Paradise Lounge after a day of missions for S.A.R.A.S. and vented to Mirage about his frustration, stating that it caused him to consider retiring from the search and rescue group.

While at the Lounge, Gibraltar received a distress call regarding a Trident that had crashed in nearby Norlock Lake. Gibraltar and Mirage rushed to the scene, finding, for once, a genuine emergency. However, Gibraltar was shocked to find Michael as its victim. Gibraltar dove into the lake and quickly rescued the young boy.

At the shore, Michael explained that he and some friends had taken a fleet of Tridents out for a joyride, and decided to test if they would stay afloat over water. While over Norlock Lake, Michael's Trident began to lose power, causing it to sink. Gibraltar agreed to not tell Nik about the incident, and Michael left.[34]

Appearances[ | ]

In-Game Videos & Trailers Online Media Publications
Transition Blurbs
  • Season 2 Icon Tip of the Spear
  • Season 3 Icon Books and Covers (mentioned)
  • Season 3 Icon Rose-Colored Legends
  • Season 5 Icon Kings Canyon - Fortune's Favor
  • Season 6 Icon Aftermatch
  • Season 9 GUESS WHO'S COMING TO DINNER? (mentioned)
  • Season 9 My Hero (mentioned)
  • Season 14 An Adequate Reflection (mentioned)
  • Season 16 S.A.R.A.S. Fan Mail (mentioned)

Trivia[ | ]

  • Gibraltar's patu was custom-made by Nik as a gift. [24][1]
  • Gibraltar is the first legend to be of Polynesian background, followed by Mad Maggie.
  • Gibraltar is gay.
  • Gibraltar can strike with a force of 870 PSI, and has a weapon draw speed of 2.4 seconds. [35]
  • Gibraltar learned some of his fighting style from the gladiators at Thunderdome. [36]

  • Gibraltar's cultural background draws from the entirety of Polynesia, especially from Hawaiian, Samoan, and Māori culture. His melee weapon, specifically the one seen in some banner frames and his default finisher and not his heirloom, is a patu, a type of war club used by the Māori.[37]
    • According to writer Tom Casiello, his ancestors were Samoan, Tongan, Hawaiian, Indonesian, and even a little Peruvian, through one great great great great great grandfather.
    • Additionally even Gibraltar's voice actor, Branscombe Richmond was born in Tahiti, the largest island of the Society Islands found in French Polynesia.
  • The sled-shield on Gibraltar’s Brudda Bear Skin has a label named “maunga”. In the Māori language, this means Mountain, the picture above the logo.
  • Gibraltar's "Haka" emote is a real ceremonial dance found in Māori culture. It is generally related to the traditional battle preparations of Māori warriors. It's also a notion for welcoming distinguished guests, as well as acknowledging great achievements and occasions such as funerals.
  • Gibraltar's Blood and Thunder skin is possibly named after the Mastodon song of the same name from the album Leviathan. Leviathan is a retelling of Moby-Dick, which featured a tattooed Polynesian man named Queequeg as a primary character.

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References[ | ]

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