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Good as Gold
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Release date Jan 18, 2021
Production The Sequence Group [1]
Length 4:18
Promotes Season 8

Good as Gold is a Stories from the Outlands animated short released on January 18, 2021, to promote Season 8 Season 8.

Synopsis[ | ]

While exploring the ruins of an unknown armed conflict on Salvo, young Walter Fitzroy and Margaret Kōhere stumble upon the corpse of a freedom fighter clutching a golden hand grenade. Maggie tries to tell Walter to respect the freedom fighters for what they've done for Salvo, but Walter just takes the grenade from Maggie and runs.

Over the years, the two remained close friends, and the golden grenade was a symbol of their bond; any time one wanted to screw with the other for fun, they would take the grenade as well, daring the other to try to get it back. As they grew older, Maggie became leader of a warband called the Cracked Talon and dedicated herself to fighting for Salvo's freedom. Walter, on the other hand, only had love for combat, and later dedicated himself to fighting in Salvo's local bloodsport, the Bonecage. Maggie grew increasingly disappointed in Walter's lack of commitment to a cause.

In January of 2734, Salvo officially joins the Syndicate Alliance of Free Worlds thanks to a deal struck with Supreme Warlord Sandringham Kelly. The news infuriates Maggie, having spent 55 years of her life fighting for Salvo's independence. To make matters worse, Walter arrives and confesses that he's joined the Apex Games, and will be leaving Salvo shortly. He offers Maggie the golden grenade as a gift, but she removes the pin and tries to fight Walter; when he tries to walk away, she rolls the grenade at him and it detonates, blowing off his right arm. Walter tells her to throw out his disembodied arm, and calmly exits the building.

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