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Gun Run is a game mode. It was introduced as a Limited Time Mode in Season 14 Season 14's Beast of Prey Beast of Prey Collection Event, then added permanently to the game on March 7, 2023 through the Mixtape playlist.

Availability[ | ]

  1. Beast of Prey September 20, 2022 - October 4, 2022
  2. Fight or Fright October 12, 2022 - October 18, 2022
  3. Imperial Guard March 7, 2023 - Present

Details[ | ]

Players[ | ]

  • Four teams of three Legends compete against each other.
    • The teams are split into Wolf Squad, Eagle Squad, Bear Squad, and Tiger Squad. They are respectively colored blue, purple, pink, orange.
  • All Legends are pre-equipped with a Body Shield Body Shield, a Helmet Helmet, infinite ammo, infinite Shield Cell Shield Cells, and infinite Shield Battery Shield Batteries. They can also respawn indefinitely, and will be respawned automatically upon death.
  • Health will regenerate automatically after not taking damage for 4 seconds.
  • Legends cannot get knocked down and enter the Bleeding Out state, dying instead as soon as their health is depleted. When a Legend dies, they drop any Body Shield Body Shield that is not the default Level 1 one.
  • Ash's Marked for Death Marked for Death will automatically ping a squad member's killer upon their death, due to the lack of Death Boxes.
  • Lifeline's Care Package Care Package always contains three Body Shield Body Shields.

Gameplay[ | ]

The goal of Gun Run is to progress through 25 weapons, getting a kill with each.

  • Legends only have one weapon equipped.
  • Getting a kill with a weapon will progress the player's score and replace the current weapon with another one in order.
    • The weapon that is received upon kill is based on the highest score across the player's team plus 1, which means that (for example) if a player whose score is 4 kills someone and their teammates' scores are 6 and 8, that player will receive the weapon set at score 9 instead of the one at score 5.
    • The next weapon in line and the next weapon after that can be checked anytime above the currently equipped weapon; the current score is also located below the current weapon.
    • If a Legend is killed by a melee attack, their score is reduced by one.
    • All teams' current highest score can be checked anytime, at the top of the screen.
  • While the weapons are ordered differently each game, the group order will always be: assault rifles, light machine guns, sub machine guns, shotguns, marksman weapons, snipers, pistols.
    • Either one assault rifle or one shotgun at random will not be available in a match.
    • The Bocek, Kraber, and Sentinel will never be available in any match.
  • The twenty-fifth weapon is an exclusive Throwing Knife Icon Throwing Knife.
  • The only lootable items are those found in Care Packages.
  • All the weapons are Fully Kitted, but the rarity of the attachments and optic differ depending on the weapon:
Weapon Rarity Optic Weapon Rarity Optic Weapon Rarity Optic
30-30 Repeater Icon
30-30 Repeater
★★★★ 2x-4x Variable AOG Alternator SMG Icon
Alternator SMG
1x HCOG Classic C.A.R. SMG Icon
★★ 1x HCOG Classic
Charge Rifle Icon
Charge Rifle
★★ 2x-4x Variable AOG Devotion LMG Icon
Devotion LMG
★★ 2x HCOG Bruiser EVA-8 Auto Icon
EVA-8 Auto
★★ 1x HCOG Classic
G7 Scout Icon
G7 Scout
★★★ 2x-4x Variable AOG HAVOC Rifle Icon
★★★★ 2x HCOG Bruiser Hemlok Burst AR Icon
Hemlok Burst AR
★★ 2x HCOG Bruiser
★★ 2x HCOG Bruiser Longbow DMR Icon
Longbow DMR
★★ 3x HCOG Ranger M600 Spitfire Icon
M600 Spitfire
★★ 2x HCOG Bruiser
Mastiff Shotgun Icon
Mastiff Shotgun
★★ 1x Digital Threat Mozambique Shotgun Icon
Mozambique Shotgun
★★★ 1x HCOG Classic Nemesis Burst AR Icon
Nemesis Burst AR
★★★ 2x HCOG Bruiser
P2020 Icon
★★ 1x HCOG Classic Peacekeeper Icon
Prowler Burst PDW Icon
Prowler Burst PDW
1x HCOG Classic
R-99 SMG Icon
R-99 SMG
★★ 1x HCOG Classic R-301 Carbine Icon
R-301 Carbine
★★★ 2x HCOG Bruiser Rampage LMG Icon
Rampage LMG
★★ 2x HCOG Bruiser
RE-45 Auto Icon + Disruptor Rounds
RE-45 Auto
1x Digital Threat Triple Take Icon
Triple Take
★★ 3x HCOG Ranger VK-47 Flatline Icon
VK-47 Flatline
★★★ 2x HCOG Bruiser
Volt SMG Icon
Volt SMG
1x HCOG Classic Wingman Icon + Skullpiercer Rifling Boosted Loader
★★★★★ 1x Digital Threat

Winning[ | ]

The first team to score a kill with the 25th weapon wins.

Current Maps[ | ]

Out Of Rotation Maps[ | ]

History[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • The Skull Town played in Gun Run is a simulation.
    • In Titanfall 2's mission Into The Abyss, Ash utilizes a simulation dome to test her Spectres and Reapers against Jack Cooper, the protagonist. The simulation dome builds artificial arenas through the use of various hexagon-shaped sections and prefabricated buildings. Gun Run's Skull Town is contained within a similar simulation dome, however Fragment East doesn't. This means that both maps are played at present time, and since Skull Town was blown up in Season 5 Season 5 by Loba, it had to be recreated somehow.
  • There is a one in 1,000 chance for the Wolf Squad to see themselves as the Nessie Squad instead. This only happens for one team however, as the other teams will see themselves as the Wolf Squad like usual.[1][2]
    • The Nessie Squad is green instead of blue.

References[ | ]