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Hammond Labs
S7 Olympus hammondlabs
Gamemode Battle Royale, Control
Location Olympus

Hammond Labs is a location found on Olympus. It is also used as a standalone map in Control.

Gameplay[ | ]

Hammond Labs is a mid tier loot zone composed of a circular laboratory positioned at the bottom of a massive open valley. The top of the lab has a tall chute which allows skydiving players to fly directly into the interior. There are various smaller hills surrounding the lab; several have Supply Bins, and two have Respawn Beacons. There is also a very long zipline stretching from the Research Basin atop the hill to the northwest to the Phase Gateway Center to the southeast. To the southwest is the Terminal, to the west is the Lab Annex, and to the northeast is the Energy Depot. Underneath the Research Basin, the Maintenance tunnel leads to the Central Turbine.

Lore[ | ]

Hammond Labs is a research laboratory designed for the study of branthium by Project Iris.[1]

References[ | ]