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Hammond Robotics
Hammond Robotics Icon
Subsidiary of IMC (formerly)
Founder Dr. Heinrich Hammond
Headquarters Earth
Industry Colonial manufacturing, transportation, security, energy
Founded 2131

Hammond Robotics is a company operating in the Outlands. Founded as a subsidiary of Hammond Engineering, later the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation, Hammond Robotics engages in colonial manufacturing, transportation, security and, with the introduction of the Planet Harvester, energy distribution.

Its branding repeatedly emphasizes itself as the "New" Hammond Robotics, differentiating itself with its former parent company, who was one of the belligerents in the Frontier War.

History[ | ]

Hammond Robotics was formed as a subsidiary of Hammond Engineering, a company founded by Dr. Heinrich Hammond, in 2131. Its parent company, Hammond Engineering, pioneered astronavigation techniques, materials science and many other fields of science and engineering. In 2146, the company experienced explosive growth as demand for Titan manufacturing materials increased alongside the demand for the company's market-cornering planetary survey technology and map database rights. Over the next few centuries, Hammond Engineering underwent a series of mergers, acquisitions and re-brandings, it is here that Hammond Robotics emerged as distinct corporate entity under the umbrella of the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation.

In 2420, a breakthrough in their robot simulacrum program which was started a year before, was achieved as the consciousness of Kaleb Cross, later to be known as "Revenant", was uploaded for the first time to a robotic shell. It would take twenty more years of work before he was fully operational however, after which he was delivered to the Mercenary Syndicate for their use.

The start of the Corporate Wars in 2442 forced the IMC and its various subsidiaries to focus their attention on the Core Worlds, leaving the Frontier settlers to fend for themselves.[1] It would then return en masse in 2671, sparking the Titan Wars over control of the Frontier. The various planetary militias and pirate organizations (which quickly reformed themselves under the banner of the Frontier Militia) were quickly overwhelmed by the sheer industrial and military might of the IMC, most of which was thanks to Hammond Robotics.[1]

Conflict with the Frontier Militia restarted in 2707, subsequently called the Frontier War. This time, with the Militia able to field its own Titans and the guidance of defected IMC officers, the IMC suffered several notable defeats with the destruction of the refueling station in Demeter and the Fold Weapon on Typhon. The war presumably ended with the loss at the Battle of Gridiron, after which it was forced to retreat from its holdings in the Frontier, including their last remaining stronghold in the Outlands in 2719.[1]

With the IMC's retreat, Hammond Robotics became independent from the IMC and is presumably the only remaining former subsidiary of it still operating in the Outlands.[2] It engaged in a massive re-branding campaign, constantly differentiating and distancing themselves from the IMC and the negative perception the people of the Outlands have for it.

In 2733, it has partnered with the Mercenary Syndicate by deploying their Planetary Harvester to the Syndicate's Apex Games arena at World's Edge and sponsored a competitor, Forge, to join. Although he was murdered by Revenant even before his first match during a televised interview.[3] They were then responsible for the cover-up of the incident and the containment of Revenant into the games. They were also involved in the aftermath of the sinking of Skulltown at Kings Canyon, with Cheryl Amacci announcing Loba Andrade as the newest Apex Legend.[4]

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