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Eventposter Harbingers
Type Collection
Start date September 19, 2023
End date October 3, 2023
Duration 14 days
During Season 18 Season 18
Gamemode Living Shell Trios
Mythic Set Fuse's Heirloom Set

Harbingers was a Collection Event during Season 18 Season 18 of Apex Legends that began on September 19, 2023 and ended on October 3, 2023.

Living Shell Trios[ | ]

For the duration of the event, Living Shell Trios replaces Battle Royale Trios. Gameplay is identical to regular Trios, except:

Challenges[ | ]

Challenge Reward
Deal 50,000 damage to in Any Mode during the Harbingers Event Badge Badge: Harbingers Proclaimer
Deal 500 Damage with the Revenant Shell during the Harbingers Event[note 1] Badge Badge: Harbingers Angel
Win 20 matches of Any Mode during the Harbingers Event Badge Badge: Harbingers Herald
Earn all other Harbingers Event badges Badge Badge: Harbingers Master
  1. Originally this required 1,000 damage, however due to a bug preventing progression on this badge, it was lowered to 500 damage in a Patch on October 02, 2023.

Challenges Rewards[ | ]

Badge Badges

Prize Track[ | ]

Points Reward
250 Badge Harbingers
500 Challenge Stars 10
750 Holospray Doom Squad
1000 Challenge Stars 3
1250 Mad Maggie Icon Banner Frame Rise Above
1500 Holospray Small But Unholy
2000 Charm Judge's Helm
2500 Crafting Metals 25
3000 Challenge Stars 3
3500 Crafting Metals 25
4000 Sentinel Icon Epitaph
5000 Mad Maggie Icon Glyph Rebellion

Prize Track Rewards[ | ]

Legend Skins
Weapon Skins
Banner Frames
Weapon Charms

Harbingers Collection[ | ]

The Harbingers Collection is a set of 24 cosmetics exclusive to the event. The collection cosmetics could be obtained by:

  • Purchasing event-exclusive Harbingers collection packs for Apex Coins 700 which will give out one collection cosmetic and two cosmetics from the normal loot table.
  • Unlocking using Crafting Metals 2,400 for Legendary items and Crafting Metals 800 for epic items.
  • By direct purchase from the Store: Apex Coins 1,800 for Legendary items and Apex Coins 1,000 for Epics.

Completion of the Harbingers Collection allowed the player to unlock Fuse's Heirloom, the Razor's Edge, before it was added to the Mythic Store.

Collection Cosmetics[ | ]

Legend Skins[ | ]

Weapon Skins[ | ]

[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • World's Edge After Dark is nearly identical to its original layout in Season 3, except:
    • Train Yard and The Tree have been renamed to Pain Yard and Burning Tree respectively.
    • The Train no longer runs, but is stationed at Pain Yard.
    • There are several train cars on the train track.
    • After loading World's Edge After Dark map completed, the title show "WORLD'S EDGE BURN" and the map with grey color.
    • Announcer is Shadow Revenant.
    • Zombie grunts and spiders can occasionally appear when opening Supply Bins, and drop loot when killed.