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Hardcore Royale is a Limited Time Mode introduced in Season 15 Season 15's Celestial Sunrise Celestial Sunrise Collection Event.

Availability[ | ]

  1. Celestial Sunrise January 24, 2023 - February 7, 2023

Details[ | ]

Players[ | ]

Gameplay[ | ]

The goal of Hardcore Royale is surviving, killing enemy players if necessary.

  • Gameplay is the same as Trios.
  • Besides Tactical and Ultimate charge status, every other info is hidden from the HUD.
    • Inspecting the current weapon will prompt the HUD section for the weapons to show up until the inspection stops.
    • Location names and pings show up as normal.
    • The inventory functions as normal.
  • Armor and Helmets cannot be found.
  • Armor does not appear in Death Boxes.
  • The Ring always deals 25 damage per hit.

Winning[ | ]

  • The last team that survives wins.

Maps[ | ]

Maps available for Hardcore Royale are dependant on the Battle Royale rotation for when the mode is available.

History[ | ]