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Heatwave is a Limited Time Mode introduced in Season 16 Season 16's Sun Squad Sun Squad event.

Details[ | ]

  • Base gameplay is the same as Battle Royale Trios. Maps used are Storm Point and Broken Moon.
  • Periodically, a Heatwave will begin, dealing damage to players who are outdoors (i.e. have no cover directly above them).
    • Heatwaves last 25 seconds, with 80 second breaks inbetween.
    • Deals 3 damage per second directly to health, ignoring shields.
    • Players are safe from heatwave damage while sliding.
    • The HUD contains an indicator that turns orange when you are at risk of heatwave damage, and blue when you are safe.
  • Heat Shield Heat Shields are increased in size, and protect from heatwave damage.
  • Care Packages can contain Sunglasses - equipping these reduces heatwave damage from 3 to 1 damage/sec.
    • Sunglasses are equipped in the Helmet Helmet slot, therefore both cannot be equipped at the same time.

Availability[ | ]

  1. Sun Squad March 28, 2023 - April 11, 2023