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YTtn sfto hero
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Release date Apr 27, 2022
Production The Sequence Group [1]
Length 4:22
Promotes Season 13

Hero is a Stories from the Outlands animated short released on April 27th, 2022, to promote Season 13 Season 13.

Synopsis[ | ]

In the small idyllic town of Harris Valley, Solace, the citizens celebrate the return of their beloved hero Newcastle despite his failure to qualify for the Apex Games. Jackson Williams, under his alias of Lamont Craig, attends the occasion with his family. He buys a Newcastle doll for his daughter, Larissa.

Lamont shares a moment with his son, talking about his work as a mechanic with Newcastle's armor. As he puts his daughter to sleep during the night, she wishes to have her Newcastle doll that she lost. Lamont finds the doll outside his shop, but he hears commotion near a warehouse and investigates. A bunch of mobsters are beating up Newcastle, demanding the money he owed to them after his failures of qualifying for the Apex Games. Despite his pleas to them, he gets shot in the abdomen.

Lamont intervenes and fights the mobsters. Despite their weaponry, he managed to gain the upper hand using parts of Newcastle's armor. When he pins their leader Medraut, he demands they leave the town. The mobster scoffs, revealing that Rene sold the town out to their gang, the Forgotten Families - until the gang gets paid what they're owed, they are not leaving.

Lamont makes a deal with the gang; he'll take the mantle of Newcastle and enter the Apex Games in order to pay off Rene's debts to the Forgotten Families. Despite Medraut's amusement at the idea, he agrees, but threatens that Harris Valley will burn if he fails. After the mobsters leave, Lamont looks over to Rene and scolds him for making a deal with the gang. Rene retorts by claiming its not easy being a hero. Soon after, he succumbs to his injuries and dies.

As Lamont picks up Newcastle's helmet, he looks to a poster of his sister Bangalore, hoping to see her soon.

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