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High Desert
S10 highdesert
High Desert during Season 10 Season 10.
Gamemode Battle Royale, Arenas
Location Kings Canyon

High Desert is a location found on Kings Canyon. It was also used as a standalone map in Arenas in Season 10 Season 10.

Gameplay[ | ]

High Desert is a high tier loot zone located on the west side of Kings Canyon, between Airbase and Bunker Pass. It is two large clusters of buildings, one sitting atop a tall hill while the other is at the foot. The higher half contains a short tower which can be scaled, overlooking the surrounding desert. There is a Respawn Beacon and Jump Tower on a small hill to the southeast, and an Explosive Hold to the north.

Trivia[ | ]

  • While High Desert was an Arenas map in Season 10, it was erroneously labeled as "Hillside Outpost". This is the name of a separate location toward the center of Kings Canyon.

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