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Disambig.png This article is about Holo-Sprays, not to be confused with Holo-Day Bash
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Holo-Sprays are bidimensional holographic images introduced in Season 6.svg Season 6 projected from a throwable device on the floor. They can be liked by other players when using the ping input.

Holo-Sprays can be crafted using Crafting Metals.svg Crafting Metals or unlocked in Apex Pack Icon.png Apex Packs and Battle Passes.

Legendary Holo-Sprays[edit | edit source]

Epic Holo-Sprays[edit | edit source]

Battle Pass Holo-Sprays[edit | edit source]

  • Season 9 Battle Pass Good Job, Me - Pathfinder - Level 04
  • Season 9 Battle Pass Born To Fly - Valkyrie - Level 09
  • Season 9 Battle Pass A Promise To Keep - Horizon - Level 49
  • Season 9 Battle Pass Put Up Your Tunes - Fuse - Level 48
  • Season 9 Battle Pass Nothing I Can't Hack - Crypto - Level 88

Rare Holo-Sprays[edit | edit source]

Bugs[edit | edit source]

  • On rare occasions, Holo-Sprays can cause the game to crash.
  • In the Firing Range, players can see other players' Holo-Sprays that are not in their realm, like them, and get their own Holo-Spray liked.
  • Holo-Sprays can be liked from a far distance, even through walls.

History[edit | edit source]