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Hop Up Slot.svg

Hop-Up attachments are special weapon attachments that greatly impact the weapon's performance. One Hop-Up attachment can be equipped for each available Hop-Up slot the weapon has. Weapons usually only have one Hop-Up slot available, except for the Bocek Compound Bow, which has two. The available hop-ups change every season.

Available Hop-Ups[]

List of formerly available Hop-Ups[]

List of Hop-Ups[]

Anvil Receiver[]

Anvil Receiver.svg Anvil Receiver
Status Unavailable
Weapons R-301 Carbine, VK-47 Flatline
Description Increases semi-auto damage, but the single fire uses 2 ammo per shot and the rate of fire is reduced.

Boosted Loader[]

Boosted Loader.svg Boosted Loader
Status Available
Weapons Hemlok Burst AR, Wingman
Description Reloading while near empty will speed up reloading and overload the next magazine.

  • Can be triggered when there are 2/2/3/3 or less bullets remaining in the magazine for Wingman and 5/7/8/9 or less bullets remaining for Hemlok.
  • Successful reload overloads the magazine by 2 bullets for Wingman and 6 bullets for Hemlok. This amount is unaffected by the level of the magazine or how many bullets were remaining upon reload.
  • Reload time reduction is ~33% for Wingman and ~27% for Hemlok.[verify]

Deadeye's Tempo[]

Deadeye's Tempo.svg Deadeye's Tempo
Status Integrated
Weapons Bocek Compound Bow, Sentinel
Description Firing at the perfect moment increases fire rate.

  • Increase ramps up in three stages.
  • Increases rate of fire by ~22.5% for both Sentinel and fully drawn Bocek.[verify]

Disruptor Rounds[]

Disruptor Rounds.svg Disruptor Rounds
Status Unavailable
Weapons Alternator SMG, RE-45 Auto
Description Increases damage to shielded targets.

  • The damage multiplier differed with each weapon: the Alternator had a multiplier of 1.55x and the RE-45 Auto had a multiplier of 1.7x.

Double Tap Trigger[]

Double Tap Trigger.svg Double Tap Trigger
Status Available
Weapons EVA-8 Auto, G7 Scout
Description Grants an alternative burst fire mode, firing two rounds per trigger pull.

  • Second round is fired after 0.4 seconds.

Dual Shell[]

Dual Shell.svg Dual Shell
Status Integrated
Weapons Mastiff Shotgun (unavailable), 30-30 Repeater
Description Allows compatible weapons to reload 2 rounds at a time.

Hammerpoint Rounds[]

Hammerpoint Rounds.svg Hammerpoint Rounds
Status Available
Weapons Mozambique Shotgun, P2020, RE-45 Auto
Description Increases unshielded damage.

  • The increase is +50% for the P2020, and +35% for the Mozambique and RE-45.
  • If damage transitions from shield to flesh, it breaks the shield, and any further damage to health is affected by the Hammerpoint multiplier.

Kinetic Feeder[]

Kinetic Feeder.svg Kinetic Feeder
Status Available
Weapons Peacekeeper, Triple Take
Description Automatically loads rounds and reduces choke time while sliding.

  • Reloads 1 round for every second spent sliding for Peacekeeper and 3 rounds per second for Triple Take.

Precision Choke[]

Precision Choke.svg Precision Choke
Status Integrated
Weapons Peacekeeper, Triple Take
Description Greatly reduces the gun's spread by aiming down sights, up to three levels.

  • Peacekeeper keeps its charge for a moment while the Triple Take loses it instantly.

Quickdraw Holster[]

Quickdraw Holster.svg Quickdraw Holster
Status Unavailable
Weapons RE-45 Auto, Wingman
Description Reduces the weapon's swap time, ADS time, and hip-fire spread.

  • Although considered unavailable, it has been partially integrated into both the RE-45 Auto and the Wingman.

Selectfire Receiver[]

Selectfire Receiver.svg Selectfire Receiver
Status Unavailable
Weapons HAVOC Rifle, Prowler Burst PDW
Description Grants an alternative fire mode for compatible weapons.

  • Allowed the Prowler to fire full-auto and the HAVOC to fire a single hit-scan laser.

Shatter Caps[]

Shatter Caps.svg Shatter Caps
Status Integrated
Weapons Bocek Compound Bow, 30-30 Repeater (unavailable)
Description Rounds split into a blast pattern when hip firing.

  • Splits into 7 pellets for both weapons.
  • 30-30 Repeater dealt 7 damage per pellet and Bocek deals 5/8/12 damage per pellet.
  • Increases legshot modifier to 1× for 30-30 and fully drawn Bocek, but also reduces its headshot modifiers to 1.25×.

Skullpiercer Rifling[]

Skullpiercer Rifling.svg Skullpiercer Rifling
Status Available
Weapons 30-30 Repeater, Longbow DMR, Wingman
Description Increases the weapon's headshot multiplier.

  • Increases headshot damage by 35%.


Turbocharger.svg Turbocharger
Status Available
Weapons Devotion LMG, HAVOC Rifle
Description Reduces autofire spin-up time for compatible weapons.

  • The functionality is different for the two weapons:
    • Devotion's initial rate of fire is increased from 300 to 408 RPM, allowing it to reach maximum RPM faster.
    • HAVOC's initial spin-up delay is removed completely.

Special Hop-Ups[]

Graffiti Mod[]

Graffiti Mod.svg Graffiti Mod
Status Unavailable
Weapons M600 Spitfire
Description Increases magazine size by 15% and decreases reload time by 25%. Also allows paint-loaded rounds.

  • The paint colors can be yellow, green, or purple.

Splatter Rounds[]

Splatter Rounds.svg Splatter Rounds
Status Integrated
Weapons Rampart's Custom Modded Paintball Weapons
Description Splatter foes with random rainbow rounds. Faster Reloads.

  • Decreases reload time by 25%.
  • Stacks with Rampart's personal passive for LMGs.