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Real Name Dr. Mary Somers
Gender Female
Pronouns She/her
Age 39 (Give or take an extra 87 years...)
Relatives Newton Somers (son)
Homeworld Psamathe
Occupation Astrophysicist
Status Alive
Real-world Info
Voice Actor Elle Newlands
Appearances Promise
Ashes to Ash
Trouble in Paradise

Dr. Mary Somers, better known as Horizon, is a Legend first introduced in Season 7 Season 7 of Apex Legends. A famous scientist from the floating city of Olympus, she joined the Apex Games to fund time travel research in order to return to her young son, Newton.

Lore[ | ]

Background[ | ]

Transition A Matter of Time

Horizon and her son, Newton.

Dr. Mary Somers was born in 2609 on Psamathe. At some point, she obtained a doctorate degree in astrophysics, as well as gave birth to her beloved son, Newton.

Promise[ | ]

Philanthropist Lillian Peck proposed that, due to the limited resources within the Outlands, a critical energy crisis would occur within twenty years.[1] Scrambling to find a solution, Somers and her assistant, Dr. Ashleigh Reid, discovered the element branthium, of which even the smallest shards could serve as an extremely potent energy source.[2] However, branthium could only be naturally found on the accretion disk of a black hole. In 2646, in an attempt to save the Outlands, Somers and Reid made an expedition to a black hole to obtain the element. Before departing, Somers promised her son Newton that she would return to him.[3] He was left in the care of Peck during her journey.[4]

Somers set out in a capsule to obtain a small piece of branthium, which she successfully transferred back to Reid in the main ship. However, Reid betrayed Somers, detaching the capsule’s tether and leaving the latter stranded in the orbit of the black hole. Somers struggled, but eventually extracted her own branthium with the help of N.E.W.T., her vacuum drone, and was able to use it to return to Psamathe.

Black Hole 2427-SR

Black hole 2427-SR, where Horizon spent 87 years.

However, nothing was the same when Somers returned. Despite only 246 days passing for her, 87 years had passed on Psamathe due to time dilation. As a result, Olympus was abandoned and in ruins, and Newton had passed away long ago. Still wishing to fulfill her promise, she decided to join the Apex Games in order to fund research into time travel so she could return to her son.[3] She received an offer for financial support towards this endeavor from Hammond Robotics, but she declined it, still not ready to place her trust in others.[5]

While his mother was stranded in space, Newton served as a member of Project: Iris and was one of Pathfinder’s creators. He held high respect for Dr. Reid based on her work with Somers, not knowing how she betrayed her.[2]

Pathfinder's Quest[ | ]

Somers met with Pathfinder during his search for his creators, discussing branthium and the origins of Project: Iris.[2]

Season 7[ | ]

One day, during a match on Olympus, Somers found an audio log from Newton. Determined, she found several more before rerouting a phase runner to her old home, where she was met with a recording from herself in the past, revealing that her time travel research proves fruitful.[6]

The Legacy Antigen[ | ]

While some of the other Legends departed for Gaea, Somers stayed on Olympus to help mitigate the Medusa outbreak. As the epidemic continued and the Medusa vines spread, Olympus continued to suffer heavy structural damage, damaging equipment and troubling Somers, who didn’t wish to see her home destroyed even further. While conducting research with Wattson, she was approached by Ash, who forcefully requested structural engineers to secure a local Arenas site. Immediately after, an earthquake struck, causing the ceiling to cave in. Somers was saved by Ash, who pushed her away from the falling debris. Before leaving, Ash stated that Somers was doing great work in protecting Lilian Peck’s legacy, and that her son would be proud of her. Somers, confused and distressed at the mention of her son, wondered aloud how Ash knew about her son, with Wattson suggesting the inscription on Pathfinder’s newly constructed statue.[7]

When the Legends returned from Gaea with several Carthage spiders, Somers used their enzymes to create a serum that would help to vaccinate the populace and stop the vines. However, it is found that this will only delay further growth of the vines.[8]

Season 9 extra comic 8 still 1

Ash demands an update on Horizon and Wattson's research.

Somers decided to send the Icarus fleet - minus the flagship, whose vines were too embedded to break free - to the black hole on which she was stranded. She was once again approached by Ash, who told her that Lilian Peck would thank her for saving Olympus, and would tell her that she is never alone.[9]

Season 10[ | ]

Somers awakes from a dream, where she is spoken to by Lilian Peck. She talks to Pathfinder about this, as he was present for The Event. She learns that Newton had checked into the lab on Olympus on the day of the incident, and while he was officially regarded as deceased, a body was never recovered. Remembering Ash’s words to her at their last meeting, she inquires about Pathfinder’s “relationship” with the simulacrum, where he lets slip that she holds the Olympus access codes, which were supposedly only known to Peck.

Believing Ash to be a reconstruction of Peck, Somers travels to the wreckage of Skull Town on Kings Canyon, where she is confronted and attacked by Revenant.[10] Breaking free of his grasp, she reveals her reason for intruding on his “home”: as he is the only simulacrum to have ever recovered their original identity and personality, she wishes to know how. Revenant angrily states that there are special codes in the systems of simulacrums constructed after him, and that a simulacrum cannot wake up without them.

Somers departs and meets with Crypto, who gives her jailbreak codes to free a simulacrum’s personality. She then travels to Olympus in an attempt to awaken Peck from within Ash. Unbeknownst to her, Revenant is following her.[4]

Somers confronts Ash at her base of operations and begins reciting the codes given by Crypto, stunning the simulacrum. Revenant takes this opportunity to attempt to destroy Ash, fracturing her faceplate. After Somers finishes delivering the codes, an awakened Ash stares bewildered at her, astonished that she “survived.” At this moment, Somers discovers the true identity of Ash: Dr. Ashleigh Reid, her betrayer.[11] For a brief moment, Reid’s consciousness (henceforth referred to as Leigh) was present, and told Somers that she knows what happened to her son. However, Ash quickly represses her original persona.[12] She presses Ash for answers, but receives only admonishment, weeping as the simulacrum walks away.[13]

Trouble in Paradise[ | ]

During an Apex Games match on Storm Point, Somers is placed on a team with Crypto and Wattson, who have been scouring arenas for old IMC-produced machine parts. The latter two go on ahead, where they are confronted by Ash.[14]

Somers later confronts Ash in a small IMC facility on Gaea. During this engagement, Leigh takes over and tells her old colleague that Newton did not die during the Phase Runner Incident. Ash quickly resumes control, shattering the sword used by Amélie Paquette to kill her human body. Somers threatens to kill the simulacrum, but Ash taunts her, saying that she would take any potential information about Newton with her in death.[15][16]

Season 12[ | ]

One night, Horizon arrived at the Paradise Lounge to find Fuse binge drinking. She sat down with him and discussed his sorrows, particularly Mad Maggie's entry into the Apex Games.

Season 13 Launch Trailer[ | ]

Somers attended Bangalore's retirement party. She later assisted in fighting the beast that came ashore on Storm Point.[17]

Season 14 Launch Trailer[ | ]

Somers competed in a match with Fuse and Vantage, with the three winning the match.[18]

Friends Like These[ | ]

Somers followed Vantage to the Paradise Lounge to attend Mirage's party.[19]

Appearances[ | ]

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Transition Blurbs
  • Season 7 Icon Me, Myself & Regret
  • Season 7 Icon Timetravel is Money
  • Season 7 Icon Crisis to Avert (mentioned)
  • A Matter of Time
  • Season 11 Her Mother's Child
  • Season 12 Tuesday Nights at Paradise Lounge
  • Season 14 Only a Mum
  • Uprising Restless

Trivia[ | ]

  • Horizon is Scottish.
  • Horizon authored an academic writing named "Utilization of Hyperdense Matter Extracted from Black Hole Ergosphere". A page of it can be partially seen on Wattson's desk.[20]
  • Horizon's drone NEWT is seemingly named after her son Newton. She sometimes talks to her drone as if it is her son.
  • Horizon has ADHD, confirmed by her voice actress Elle Newlands.
  • Horizon's name could be attributed to the event horizon of a black hole, where nothing can escape the tug of the black hole.
  • Ash is the only person that Horizon hates.[21]
  • Horizon's story was written by Sam Gill.[22]

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