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It's Pride Month with Fandom, and Apex Legends' colorful cast of characters includes plenty of LGBTQIA+ representation: Bangalore, Bloodhound, Fuse, Gibraltar, Loba, Mirage, Seer, and Valkyrie. A big thank you to everyone who has helped make those articles and the whole wiki what they are!

There will also be three roundtable discussions in the Fandom Discord server over the month: Discussing LGBTQIA+ video games and characters on June 15, LGBTQIA+ icons and activists on June 22, and a discussion with LGBTQIA+ wiki admins on June 29.


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This page will serve as a basic "how to play" guide for Apex Legends and thus, will often utilize informal expressions such as "you". Check back often, as new information is being added all the time! Feel free to edit this guide with any tips, tricks, and suggestions.

Basic gameplay[]

Apex Legends is a hero shooter game where in the main game mode, 20 squads of 3 members or 30 squads of 2 members choose playable character classes called Legends, and airdrop from a flying ship into an arena: either Kings Canyon, World's Edge, Olympus, or Storm Point. Upon landing, they must search for weapons, gear, and other items to help them kill off the other teams while simultaneously staying inside a shrinking safe zone called The Ring. The last squad standing wins.

Each Legend has 3 abilities unique to them: a Tactical ability that can be periodically activated and has a cooldown between uses, a Passive ability that is always active, and an Ultimate ability that acts as a powerful, potentially game-changing tool which charges over time, which can be shortened by using Ultimate Accelerant.svg Ultimate Accelerants. Some Legends also have Perks, which are bonus Passive abilities applied only to a certain group of Legends.

Each Legend has 100 health and, upon depleting all of it, they enter a downed state where they are given 100 additional temporary health. While downed, Legends can crawl, ping, interact with doors, and use a Knockdown Shield.svg Knockdown Shield to shield from incoming fire if they have one, at the cost of moving even more slowly. A teammate can approach a downed Legend and attempt to revive them: if the revive is successful, the downed Legend will be healed to 20 health, if the revive is not successful, either by not being revived in time or by depleting the 100 additional health given, the downed Legend will bleed out and die. A dead Legend however can be still brought back if a living squadmate has grabbed their banner within a specific time limit, and respawned them at a Respawn Beacon.svg Respawn Beacon or Mobile Respawn Beacon.svg Mobile Respawn Beacon, otherwise their banner will "time out" and a respawn will no longer be possible. Respawned Legends will have full health.

Before dropping into the arena, Legends are given an Evo Shield.svg Evo Shield, 2 Shield Cell.svg Shield Cells, and 2 Syringe.svg Syringes. These are also given to respawned Legends.

Looting etiquette[]

While nominally the loot goes to whoever discover it first, there are some exceptions in order to maximize team potential

  • Gold Backpack: Priority order is Newcastle (drag while revive), Lifeline (auto revive), or Gibraltar (fast revive), followed by Mirage (semi-cloak revive), then Bangalore (smoke cover) or Caustic (gas cover).
  • Gold Helmet: Octane players should NEVER pick it up due to extreme short duration to charge his tactical; instead ping it to notify others to get it. Characters such as Gibraltar or Lifeline are much better off with it.
  • Knockdown shield: Newcastle has priority to higher level knockdown shield for his passive. However, Gold knockdown shield (vs a Purple shield) may be worse for Newcastle, as it can attract more attacks from enemies; unlike other legends, Newcastle effectively have his knockdown shield out often.
    • Gold Knockdown shield should be given to either Mirage (due to his passive, can crawl to more secure place), or the person with Gold Backpack (so they self revive in a battle-ready health pool). Newcastle gets the same amount of health compared to the Purple one, so only give it to him if another is unavailable.
  • Light Machine Gun: Rampart should be encouraged, but not required, to pick it up
  • Shotgun: Mad Maggie should be encouraged, but not required, to pick it up.

TL;DR Octane players should always double check your teammate's gear before picking it up, and never pick up Gold Helmet

When you open the inventory screen, you can see what gear your teammates has.

Also, respect dibs. Some teammates may merely complain to you with swear words, but other teammates may go passive aggressive on you, such as reviving you right in the middle of a fight with no cover to guarantee your entire team loss. This is especially easily done for legends with special revive - ignoring the dibs/loot order precedents of a Newcastle, and you may find yourself dragged to a line of fire by him!

Your first match[]

Early game (Drop to Rounds 2)[]

As is expected with most Battle Royale game modes, all Legends begin the match inside of one dropship flying across the map in a straight line. Checking your map for the projected flight path is a good idea, as this allows you to predict the amount of initial traffic each named location will have. Locations near the drop ship's flight path are usually densely populated at the start of the match because players can get into the action faster compared to late path locations.

The last player who picked their Legend will be chosen as the Jumpmaster, giving them the privilege to initiate the drop sequence for your team - although one can always decide to land alone, even if it's strongly discouraged. If you are the Jumpmaster, find out if your squad is looking for immediate action or a chance to get nicely geared, and then go ahead with the drop. Your two (or one) squad members will automatically follow your movement during the free-fall until they decide to break away and fly on their own. The ideal drop distance is approximately 500 meters. If your preferred drop location is further than 1000m, don't drop; rather, settle and find a closer location.

Sticking together in the same PoI largely increases your chance of survival once you land -- but try to avoid landing right next to the Jumpmaster, or else you'll all be scrambling for loot in the same location and all of you will probably end up with little to no loot. If you are the only team landing in the PoI, detach from the Jumpmaster when you are close to the ground PoI, land on different area of the PoI, and regroup with your squad after you've looted your own location. However, if there are other teams in the same area, stick to the same building can be wise, in case a team member is forced into the fight.

Once you've geared up adequately, collaborate with your squad when deciding where to go and what to do next. The Ring will periodically shrink and make the playable area smaller, and standing outside of it will keep dealing damage every second. While in the first round the damage can be ignored for the most part, subsequent rounds may not be so forgiving.

Mid game (Rounds 3-4)[]

You've looted your first location and may have headed towards another one. Maybe you've gotten into a fight with another squad along the way, maybe not. When the mid game approaches, it's best to assume that most players have at least a level 2 Evo Shield.svg Evo Shield and thus, most of them will at least have 175 health each.

Since at this point the most important locations have usually been looted already, it's time to either seek a squad to fight for their loot and upgrade your Evo Shield.svg Evo Shield, or to go inside The Ring and prepare for a later round. Engaging an enemy squad will however startle other nearby squads, due to the gunfire being loud which can be heard from afar, therefore make sure that you are either ready to fight more than just one squad, or ready to disengage them once another squad arrives. At this point in the game, Care Packages and Replicators will have came down, so if there are no squads around, try and get some better items from there.

Late game (Rounds 4-5)[]

Either by luck, skill, or simply because you have encountered nobody to fight, you're now in the late game. At this point, everyone should have at least a level 3 Evo Shield.svg Evo Shield, or 200 total health. If you or your weapons are still equipped with level 1 items, you should try your luck with the available unlooted areas and Supply Bins you find while you're going inside The Ring. Who knows, maybe that one unopened Supply Bin at The Tree will contain an Extended Light Mag.svg Extended Light Mag for your R-301 Carbine.

Early positioning is key to winning a game: predicting where The Ring will end up is essential to get an advantage that might win you the game. If you can get to a building that is in The Ring before other teams do, then they will be forced to take the fight to you at a lower ground since it is a lot easier to hold a building than to push it, especially in late game. Play cautiously by keeping your attention focused far ahead of your immediate location. Climb walls whenever possible instead of taking the obvious path. Use Ziplines to quickly traverse open areas, but drop from them immediately if you see a squad at the end of the Zipline. If you enter a building, close the door on your way in as it may be the final giveaway that leads to your squad's demise.

End game (Rounds 5-6)[]

The safe zone is getting quite small, and squads are encouraged to move quickly due to The Ring now dealing potentially lethal damage. Stakes are high, and squads are alert. Do whatever it takes to increase your chances of survival. Control some high ground or maybe decide to camp in an area. Abuse cover if being shot at. Nothing is off the table when it's life or death.

Good luck!

Unlocking new Legends[]

A freshly created account on Apex Legends has access to 6 Legends: Bangalore, Bloodhound, Gibraltar, Lifeline, Pathfinder, and Wraith. Each other Legend the game offers can be purchased with Legend Tokens 12,000 Legend Tokens, or Apex Coins 750 Apex Coins. Apex Coins can be purchased with real world currency, Legend Tokens can instead be earned by playing and leveling up. Since each time a new level is reached Legend Tokens 600 are awarded, a new Legend can be unlocked every 20 levels. However, since you don't get Tokens until level 3, your first legend unlock (through Tokens) will come at level 23.

Below is some advice for picking the next Legend to unlock.

Legend Details
Portrait Caustic full.png
Caustic is easily the most straightforward of the trap-setting legends. Though he is very close-range by necessity, and his large hitbox can make him an easy target, his ability to coat entire buildings in gas is very strong. Not only is Nox Gas a very easy source of chip damage, it also slows enemies, making them easy to pick off. Although he usually will be playing in a very defensive way, his Nox Gas Grenade.svg Nox Gas Grenade helps him to make offensive pushes on occasion.
Portrait Mirage full.png
As a legend whose playstyle is all about trickery, Mirage is strongest when his enemies are gullible. That said, a good Mirage player can fool anyone by using their decoys right. There are lots of uses for decoys; luring enemies into danger, distracting enemies while you escape, distracting enemies while you shoot them from a different angle, or simply making enemies waste ammo on nothing. In addition, Mirage's ability to cloak while reviving with Now You See Me....svg Now You See Me... can allow for some bold revives right under an enemy's nose.
Portrait Octane full.png
Octane has one of the simplest but most powerful advantages that any character in any game can possess: speed. While other legends can increase their move speed under certain circumstances, Octane has constant access to a 30% speed boost, making him very strong for flanking, repositioning, and head-to-head combat. He does sacrifice health to do so, but his passive Swift Mend.svg Swift Mend helps to counteract this. On top of the speed, his Launch Pad.svg Launch Pad is easily the best tool for a coordinated, aggressive push.
Portrait Wattson full.png
Wattson can be difficult to pick up for new players; her defenses take a lot of time and map knowledge to set up, and even when they're set up it can be hard to tell how effective they are. However, a well-built web of Perimeter Security.svg Perimeter Security fences will convince most enemies to slow down and avoid fast, aggressive pushes - and those that push anyway are easily finished off after being electrocuted. Adding an Interception Pylon.svg Interception Pylon will further reduce the chaos of fights by shooting down ordnance. A calm Wattson match is a successful Wattson match.
Portrait Crypto full.png
Crypto has the best tools for finding enemies over large swaths of land. Being able to scout entire POIs with the Surveillance Drone.svg Surveillance Drone, as well as always knowing how many squads are near, means that Crypto's squad is rarely caught off guard and can always find a fight. During combat, a well-placed drone can be a very powerful tool; where other recon legends' scans wear off, Crypto's can last forever if the enemy never has a moment to shoot it down. Besides tracking enemies, Drone EMP.svg Drone EMP is an excellent opener for initiating a fight.
Portrait Revenant full.png
Revenant is an excellent generalist, great for any kind of offensive push. Silence.svg Silence is a great thing to use on any enemy, preventing them from using abilities to escape or set up new defenses. Though his mobility options granted by Stalker.svg Stalker are very subdued compared to other legends, they are the most generally applicable, and unlike others make no sound. Death Totem.svg Death Totem is a very powerful tool, allowing your whole squad to make a bold push with a safety net, and forcing enemies to fight you off twice to survive.
Portrait Loba full.png
Loba's primary draw is her ability to get herself and her squad the best loot available. In the early game, she can find the exact weapons she wants; in the midgame, she can quickly check entire POIs for high-tier attachments and gear; and in the late game, she can keep herself and her squadmates topped up on ammo and grenades. The Burglar's Best Friend.svg Burglar's Best Friend is an underrated mobility option - not only is it versatile in getting you anywhere you want to go, it is also very safe since you don't need to cross open sightlines yourself.
Portrait Rampart full.png
Being able to build cover that allows you to shoot your enemy while they can't shoot you is powerful enough on its own; the fact that it boosts outgoing damage is the icing on the cake. Rampart setups can be vulnerable to flankers or grenades, but survive those and you've got the best tools for exerting pressure on an enemy from a distance. Especially when coupled with a well-placed Sheila, you can mow down enemies in seconds. And of course, if you're an LMG enthusiast, Rampart makes them even better thanks to Modded Loader.svg Modded Loader, which lets her reload them faster with an extended magazine.
Portrait Horizon full.png
Horizon is a mobility legend for team players. Though Gravity Lift.svg Gravity Lift seems a lot more restrictive than other options, it's the only mobility tactical that your whole squad can use. Lots of legends can scale a building, but being able to bring backup while you do it means you can pull off unusual full-squad pushes far more easily and frequently than with a zipline, launch pad, or phase rift. For those pushes, the Black Hole.svg Black Hole is a great thing to drop on unsuspecting enemies to keep them from fleeing easily. Should the time call for you to escape, you can use her built-in spacesuit to fall from any height without a stagger, helping to either engage or disengage safer.
Portrait Fuse full.png
For those that enjoy the simple pleasure of throwing explosives, Fuse is the perfect legend. Knuckle Cluster.svg Knuckle Cluster is an easy way to rack up a little chip damage and force an enemy to back up, and if that's on cooldown, just stock up on regular grenades and start throwing those. Not only can you carry a lot of ordnance, you can launch it much farther than other legends, allowing you to flush out camping squads without even being near. And if they try to flee, use The Motherlode.svg The Motherlode to keep them from escaping unscathed.
Portrait Valkyrie full.png
Valkyrie's ability to fly is straightforward, but its flexibility makes it very strong in the right hands. Flying high into the sky can be great for scouting, but leaves you very vulnerable in the air; more often you'll be flying in short bursts to get over gaps, scale buildings, dodge fire, or find a good angle to launch a Missile Swarm.svg Missile Swarm from. On top of that, Skyward Dive.svg Skyward Dive is one of the best ways to relocate your entire squad over a very long distance, either as an escape or to drop on enemies.
Portrait Seer full.png
Seer almost entirely nullifies the element of surprise. His most powerful tool is Heart Seeker.svg Heart Seeker, allowing him to roughly find enemies' locations without them knowing they've been found. If you notice an enemy staying still nearby, hit them with Focus of Attention.svg Focus of Attention to cancel their healing and mark them for your squadmates to pounce. Combining all that with Exhibit.svg Exhibit to track quickly-moving enemies, squads will have a very difficult time hiding from you.
Portrait Ash full.png
The ultimate engagement (or third-partying) legend. She allows your team to quickly travel to a distant spot, or to claim high-ground with Phase Breach.svg Phase Breach, with a 2 minutes cooldown. When close to a deathbox, she can pinpoint their attackers both in world, and on the map for your team. It can be used as a budget wallhack for example. Arc Snare.svg Arc Snare, serves more as an area-denial tool than an actual trap, although both uses gives her control on though situations. Its unlimited range, and short cooldown makes it viable to use it at a distance every time it comes off cooldown.
Portrait Mad Maggie full.png
Mad Maggie
Mad Maggie is a strong offensive Legend with great breaching capabilities. Her Riot Drill.svg Riot Drill is great for flushing enemies out of cover, or for breaking doors that enemies are hiding behind. With her passive, Warlord's Ire.svg Warlord's Ire, she can track enemies she recently damaged, as well as run at normal speed with a shotgun equipped. Make sure you're always using a shotgun while playing her. Once you're ready to engage, you can use her Ultimate Wrecking Ball.svg Wrecking Ball to gain some speed, while also immediately breaking any doors it comes into contact with. All combined, Maggie is a great pick for those offensive types that enjoy CQC and getting past pesky campers.
Portrait Newcastle full.png
Newcastle is an amazing defensive Legend, focused on protecting his Squad with all of his abilities. His Mobile Shield.svg Mobile Shield is great for quick cover (for you or your squadmates) or pushing up on enemies with something to hide behind, but it can break with enough damage. His passive ability Retrieve the Wounded.svg Retrieve the Wounded allows him to take downed squadmates, revive them while under the cover of his Knockdown Shield, and move them to solid cover. When you're in need of a more fortified position, his Ultimate Castle Wall.svg Castle Wall creates a huge, electrified wall that his whole Squad can use for cover in areas where there might not be any. Newcastle is amazing for those willing to work with their Squad to get the win, or for those who are tired of getting shot in wide open areas.


These controls are for the default control scheme. Keyboard users can rebind most of these however they like.

Action Keyboard Xbox One PS4 Switch Notes
Move W/A/S/D Left Stick Left Stick Left Stick
Sprint ⇧ Left Shift (hold) Left Stick (Toggle) Left Stick (Toggle) Left Stick (Toggle) Press while aiming down variable scopes to change zoom level
Jump Space A X B
Crouch (toggle) C B Circle A
Crouch (hold) Left Ctrl Circle
Tactical Ability Q LB L1 LB
Ultimate Ability Z LB + RB L1 + R1 LB + RB
Interact/Pickup E X Square Y
Alternate Interact X X (hold) Square (hold) Y (hold)
Inventory (toggle) Tab ↹ Menu Options +
Map (toggle) M Windows Touch Pad -
Attack Left RT R2 RT Also hold to activate Knockdown Shield.svg Knockdown Shields while downed
Toggle Fire Mode B Left Left Left
Aim Down Sight (toggle) Right
Aim Down Sight (hold) LT L2 LT
Melee V Right Stick (press) Right Stick (press) Right Stick (press)
Reload R X Square Y
Cycle Weapon Middle (scroll) Y Triangle X
Equip Weapon 1 1
Equip Weapon 2 2
Holster Weapons 3 Y (hold) Triangle (hold) X (hold) You run faster while weapons are holstered
Equip Grenade G Right Right Right Hold to open grenade wheel
Use Selected Health/Shield Item 4 Up Up Up
Health Wheel 4 (hold) Up (hold) Up (hold) Up (hold)
Extra Character Action H Down Down Down
Inspect Weapon N Left (hold) Right (hold) Left (Hold) Suggested that you change to Survival Item
Ping Middle RB R1 RB Hold to open ping wheel
Ping (Enemy Here) F 2x tap RB 2x tap R1 2x tap RB
Push to Talk (Hold) T
Text Chat ↵ Enter

Visual map of Apex Legends keyboard controls. Click on the image for a clearer view.

Tips and Tricks[]

  • Don't forget to make use of your abilities whenever possible. It can be easy to get caught up in pure gunfights while neglecting the abilities that could give you a crucial advantage.
  • For new players, if you want to survive, drop away from the path of the dropship.
  • The hot zone and the supply ships do have more loot, but that also means more players will go there.
  • Always pick up a body shield from a fresh death box or the ground, especially during a fight. It will always be fully recharged once equipped. Pick it up to avoid having to recharge your shields and avoid getting ambushed.
  • Wear a Headset or Earbuds if you can. This will allow you to hear enemy footsteps better, which may result in an advantage over your opponents.
  • Be careful when using airstrikes. They are very loud and visible from far away, and more enemies might come to join the action!
  • Try to find a Legend you enjoy and are comfortable with using (often referred to as a main). Being experienced with one or two Legends will give you an advantage over players who don't main that Legend, and make you more likely to win.
  • If you are having trouble aiming, spend a few hours in the Firing Range to learn the recoil of all weapons. A few hours doing that will significantly help your aim in the months ahead.
  • Don't neglect grenades! They can be very useful in a variety of scenarios, such as fishing enemies out from cover.
  • When opening a Care Package, remember that there is a beacon above the care package that is removed when it is opened. If you see the light go away, you'll know that enemies are there. Likewise, know that if you open a care package, know that enemies will most likely come to that location.
  • Try combining different Legends' abilities. For example, use Ash's Arc Snare.svg Arc Snare to keep a target in place while you damage them with Fuse's Knuckle Cluster.svg Knuckle Cluster.
  • Loot quickly after finishing a fight, especially in an open area, as you are vulnerable to attack from a third party.
  • Land in less crowded areas if you want a better chance at surviving to the endgame.
  • Although Shield Cells and Syringes heal for small amounts, that small bit of healing might be the only bit you can get off mid-fight.

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