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Hunted Launch Trailer
YTtn s14 launch
Watch here
Release date Jul 28, 2022
Production Psyop
Length 3:03
Promotes Season 14

The Hunted Launch Trailer is an animated short released on July 28th, 2022 to promote Season 14 Season 14.

Synopsis[ | ]

After recovering from her injuries, Xiomara Contreras visits her mother Xenia in prison, and asks her if the crimes she's been arrested for were true. Xenia denies it, and insists that Xiomara return to Págos. Xiomara pulls out a concealed blade and claims she can take out the guards, but Xenia takes the knife for herself and tells the guards to take her away. Noticing the Apex Games broadcast on a television, Xiomara decides to join the Apex Games in attempt to free her mother from imprisonment.

During her first official match in Kings Canyon, Vantage has trouble fitting in with the squad of Fuse and Horizon. While Fuse is unhappy that the Syndicate is letting a "pup" enter the games, Horizon comforts the young hunter and tries to look out for her. In the end, Vantage takes out the entire final squad with a few quick shots from her sniper rifle. When a camera drone flies down to film them, Vantage dedicates the win to her mother, to bring awareness to her mother's wrongful imprisonment. Xenia watches her daughter win her first match and commends her efforts.

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