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Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation
Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation
Founder Dr. Heinrich Hammond
Headquarters Earth
Industry Mining, manufacturing, shipping, security, robotics, etc.
Founded 2200s

The Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation, commonly known as the IMC, is an interstellar conglomerate engaged in interstellar mining, arms manufacturing, robotics and most notably the creation of Titans. It has been most well known in other games, like Titanfall, which takes place in the same universe as Apex Legends.

History[ | ]

Founded in 2127 as Hammond Engineering by Dr. Heinrich Hammond, the company started out small, in natural resource extraction industries. Fifteen years later, demand for Titan manufacturing materials, combined with Hammond’s market-cornering planetary survey technology and map database rights, contributed to explosive growth for the company. Over the course of a century, a series of acquisitions, mergers, and re-brandings lead to the transformation of Hammond Engineering into the sprawling commercial empire that is the IMC.

The Frontier[ | ]

Eventually, the IMC would gain access to Jump Drive technology, leading them and their subsidiaries to settle the newly-discovered region of space known as The Frontier. The IMC would implement the IMC Serviceman's Readjustment Act (or "G.I Bill"), allowing former soldiers of the IMC's conflicts in the Core Systems to be given land and money to settle in the Frontier, allowing them low-cost mortgages, loans to start businesses, and guaranteed property rights on Frontier worlds to start new lives.

However, in 2442, the IMC found itself in conflict with rival corporations during the Corporate Wars in the Core Systems, forcing to leave the Frontier to its own devices. For many decades, Frontier life would live independently from Earth, leading the population to gain a large independent spirit.

Eventually, the IMC turned their eyes again on the Frontier, to discover that Frontier life not only survived, but also thrived. With many of the worlds colonized and their plentiful resources up for grabs, the IMC declared eminent domain - citing their initial investment in the Frontier's colonization - and began setting up vast manufacturing and mining sites on a lot of planets. This caused displacements for the existing Frontier population, increasing tensions between the colonists and the perceived invaders. Several decades of tensions eventually led the formation of the Frontier Militia by the Frontier citizens to strike back at the IMC. This would cause the beginning of the Titan Wars.

The Titan Wars[ | ]

The Titan Wars started in 2671 were fought by the IMC and the new-formed Militia. During the war, both sides fought on the Frontier and in the Core Systems. These conflicts involved usage of the Atlas-class Titan. And during this conflict, Commander-in-Chief, Frontier Command (CINCFRONT) Vice Admiral Marcus Graves served alongside Captain James MacAllan and Pilot Robert "Barker" Taube aboard the IMC Odyssey. The operations conduced there eventually formed the basis of IMC counterinsurgency doctrine that'd be used for many decades to come. However, the Odyssey's crew grew tired of the IMC's treatment of the Frontier citizens and led a mass mutiny.

After 21 years of fighting, the Titan Wars ended 2692 with the IMC's victory. Despite the victory, however, the Militia would not give up and spent years rebuilding their forces.

Frontier War[ | ]

With new intel on the IMC, the Frontier Militia strikes back at the IMC in 2707, leading to the start of the Frontier War. The IMC, under the command of Vice Admiral Graves, would pursue the 1st Militia Fleet, slowly wearing down their fuel and supplies.

The 1st Militia Fleet staged an attack on an IMC refueling facility, also known as Fracture Operation. The Militia would retreat to Sector Bravo-217 to hide. However, this led the IMC to discover Colony G21, with it the wreckage of the Odyssey and MacAllan. They sent Spectre units to massacre the colonists or capture them and sent to ARES Division for testing. Despite the IMC's attempts, the Militia succeeded in extracting MacAllan.

The tides of battle changed with the Frontier Militia going on the offensive under MacAllan's command, crippling the flagship IMS Sentinel, destroying the fleet stationed at Airbase Sierra. And the Battle of Demeter would end with the planet's refinery and port facility destroyed, cutting off IMC's logistics and reinforcements from the Core Systems for many years.

Remnant Fleet[ | ]

In the wake of the Battle of Demeter, IMC's Frontier forces saw major defections to the Militia, including Vice Admiral Graves. The AI construct Spyglass was promoted to Vice Admiral and the fleet reorganized into the "Remnant Fleet". This fleet, largely composed of automated units, conducted raids against both allies and enemy targets.

The Remnant Fleet founded a Fleet Operations Base on an unidentified Frontier planet, using it as a base to launch their raids. They continued to engage the rapidly-growing Militia for five years, This resulted in the losses of many robotics factories.

Typhon[ | ]

Before the Battle of Typhon, genetic experimentation was conducted on Medusa Vines. This experimentation was called project: LEGACY and the end result produced a new species of Medusa Vines that grows rapidly, is almost impervious to damage, and releases deadly pollen that can kill a human after 72 hours.

In addition, it was the site of an ARES facility led by General Marder. They discovered an alien artifact called "The Ark" and restored it to construct a weapon dubbed "Fold Weapon", a weapon that can destroy entire planets. A field test of the Fold Weapon caused in the destruction of Typhon's moon, Orthos.

As a prelude to the battle, the Militia sent the 9th Militia Fleet to attack the planet, simply believing to be a simple outpost. However, the fleet would be easily destroyed by Anti-Orbital Defenses. And it would later transpire that ARES Division are using the Fold Weapon with the intention of destroying Militia planets, including Harmony, to force the Frontier Militia to surrender.

However, this attempt was narrowly stopped by Pilot Jack Cooper, and the weapon destroyed Typhon.

The IMC was able to recover the wreckage of two destroyed Vanguard-class Titans, tasking Vinson Dynamics with reverse-engineering Militia technology. This would bear the Monarch-class Titan

Battle of Gridiron[ | ]

With the loss of Typhon, IMC's losses continued to mount as the Apex Predators left after fulfilling their contract and the desertion of the Remnant Fleet. Their resources became concentrated on Gridiron. It was only a matter of time before the Militia would surround the planet.

It is unknown how the Battle of Gridiron concluded, but it is presumed that the Militia won the battle. However, with both sides having their resources spent and not able to wage more battles, this spelt the end of the Frontier War. Additionally, the Communications Blackout occurred immediately after the battle, extinguishing all communications within the Frontier, including Gridiron

Aftermath[ | ]

In the aftermath of the war, many of the IMC forces were stranded in the Frontier. Others deserted, such as Lieutenant Jackson Williams using an item from Typhon to have his ship, IMS Hestia-01, retreat from Gridiron to the Outlands in less than a year. While some stayed as part of remnants, such as Commander Scryer who answered Sergeant Anita Williams distress call and attempted an execution on Jackson, resulting in a fight that ended in the commander's death.

For many years, the IMC remnants would live in the Outlands to survive. Some to move away from their past while others still holding loyalty to the IMC. Those loyalists would form gang known as the Forgotten Families with many of the members being former soldiers from various divisions such as 115th Orbital Assault, 99th Hell Divers, and ARES Division. And due to their loyalty to the IMC, they hunt down and kill IMC deserters.

The status of the IMC after the Frontier War remains unknown. Their facilities and outposts in the Outlands were abandoned after the IMC retreated from the region during the Frontier War. Those outposts and facilities are later used as arenas for the Apex Games.

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