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Real Name Jaime
Nickname Blueberry (by Loba)
Gender Male
Status Alive
Real-world Info
Voice Actor Unknown
Appearances Season 5 Teasers

Jaime is a recurring ally of Loba.

Lore[ | ]

Background[ | ]

Jaime is a friend of Loba, skilled in electronics. At some point, Loba saved him from a group of thugs and they became partners, moving into an apartment on Psamathe together.[1][2] The two worked with a criminal known as The Widow until 2733.[2]

On April 9, 2726, The Widow contracted Jaime and Loba to steal two precious gems from the Chenosky Auction House on Psamathe, despite his insecurities toward doing work in the field. After the gems were taken to separate locations, Jaime retrieved the first gem and attempted to rendezvous with Loba, who had been trapped and attacked by the owner of the auction house. Jaime quickly subdued the owner, allowing the two to escape with the gems.[3]

Legacy of a Thief[ | ]

Jaime discovered Revenant's entry into the Apex Games, as well as the location of his source code. When Loba wished to go on a quest for revenge, they began to pack up their apartment and prepare to move to a ship. While packing, Jaime was visited by The Widow. Despite Jaime's assumption that Loba had ended their contract, The Widow claimed she was unaware of this. Before departing, she warned Jaime that Loba would eventually toss him out, stating that she would not kill him if they met again.

After Loba returned to the apartment and shared a meal with him, he gave her the access key to an IMC base hidden beneath Kings Canyon. She then set off, intent on having her revenge.[1][2]

Season 7[ | ]

In November 2733, Jaime met with Loba at a restaurant on Psamathe, where he was given a duffel bag containing an old sweater and Revenant's source code. Loba wished for him to dispose of the bag's contents using one of Olympus's phase runners. Despite his protests, he verbally agreed. However, upon reaching the phase runner, he simply sent the sweater through it to Gridiron for the sake of deniability. Not wishing for Loba to continue her insatiable quest for vengeance, he kept the source code with him.

The Legacy Antigen[ | ]

When Loba left for Gaea in an attempt to find a cure for the Medusa outbreak, Jaime hired and vetted a group of mercenaries to protect Bangalore at her hospital.[4]

At some point, Jaime informed Valkyrie that Revenant's source code was in his possession.[5]

Season 11[ | ]

Jaime joined Loba and Valkyrie during a trip to a carnival. Unbeknownst to him, he was being closely watched by Revenant.[6]

Friends Like These[ | ]

Jaime was critically wounded by an unknown assailant who took Revenant's source code. He was then left for dead in Valkyrie's apartment, where he was found by Loba.[7] He was later sent to a hospital on Psamathe, where Loba visited him.[8]

Some time after the attack, Jaime called Valkyrie, hoping to hear about any leads regarding the stolen source code.[9]

Appearances[ | ]

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