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January 05, 2021 Patch
Fight Night tt 2
The new Fight Night Town Takeover
Version number 7.2
Previous patch December 09, 2020 Patch
Next patch January 07, 2021 Patch

New Content[ | ]

Legends[ | ]

[note 1]

  • Amped Cover Amped Cover: Decreased cooldown from 30 seconds to 20 seconds.
  • Gravity Lift Gravity Lift: Increased effective cooldown from 16 seconds to 21 seconds.

Weapons[ | ]

Hemlok Burst AR
  • Reduced damage from 22 to 20.
Mastiff Shotgun
  • Spread out third and fourth pellets to decrease max range of 4 pellet hits (was ± 7.5°, now ± 10°).
Prowler Burst PDW
  • Increased reserve bullets from 175 to 210.

Ring Update[ | ]

[note 2]

  • Ring 5 is bigger (radius size increased from 1500 units to 2000 units). The time to close is the same.
  • Ring 6 is the last ring. It will slowly close over 100 seconds somewhere near the center of Ring 5.

Quality of Life[ | ]

  • Ultimate Accelerant Ultimate Accelerants can now be used without opening your inventory. If your ultimate is not currently available, just press the button (or buttons, on a controller) to activate it, and you’ll pull out any stored Accelerant in your inventory and use it automatically.
  • When in a lobby, if a party member leaves the lobby for any reason, all party members will be marked as “not ready.”[note 3]
  • Added a “Mark All As Seen” button. Click to remove the red dots players see when earning a new cosmetic.
  • Pinging the nearest Respawn Beacon Respawn Beacon (from spectate) will now always ping the nearest beacon unless you don’t have enough time to use it before the ring closes over it, instead of defaulting to the nearest beacon in the next safe ring.
  • Now shows players how many Treasure Pack Treasure Packs are needed to acquire the next comic page.[note 4]
  • Added a small bit of information to the Find Friends box to describe a situation where your friend might not be findable because of their EA EA account settings.

Bug Fixes[ | ]

  • Fixed an issue with Bloodhound's UI disappearing after interacting with Horizon's Gravity Lift Gravity Lift.
  • Surveillance Drone Surveillance Drone:
    • Fixed an issue with Hack consuming two Vault Key Vault Keys if two keys were in Crypto's inventory.
    • Fixed an issue with Hack getting stuck within the Trident when deployed as a passenger and the trident is on a ramp.
  • Death Totem Death Totem:
    • Fixed an issue causing other players to teleport with Revenant if they punch Revenant when he has very little health.
    • Fixed an issue that didn't allow Revenant to deploy the Death Totem Death Totem while on the Trident.

Undocumented changes[ | ]

  • Horizon’s Black Hole Black Hole cooldown now starts when the N.E.W.T. disappears.
  • Added “Additional Platforms” while viewing a profile in the lobby.
  • Changed fully kitted weapons H.U.D. to have a colored background, instead of black, based on the rarity.
  • Re-organized some weapons in the Loadout tab so that the weapons appear in alphabetical order.

Trivia[ | ]

  • Originally, there was supposed to be a Caustic buff that reduced the cooldown of his Nox Gas Trap Nox Gas Traps from 25 to 20 seconds. There was a lot of backlash around this, so the buff was scrapped and they nerfed Horizon instead.
  • There were originally references to a fix with Mirage’s decoys not making footstep sounds as well as Caustic’s Death Hammer smashing down doors. They appeared to have not been in the patch according to some players. The Mirage decoy footsteps were fixed in the Season 8 patch, whereas the Caustic Death Hammer change has not been implemented yet.

Developer Notes[ | ]

  1. There’s nothing too meta-shaking around; we’re giving Season 7 Season 7 some extra time to shake out. Horizon released strong, but not overpowered, and Rampart still needs overall power.
  2. In hopes of spreading out the chaos that can occur in final rings, we're making some tweaks to Rings 5 and 6.
  3. This should stop accidental launches into a match when your buddy dipped out for a second.
  4. This should just make it easier to people who are chasing the new bit of lore to know how far away they are.