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January 09, 2024 Patch
FFVII Rebirth Event Poster
Version number 19.0.2
Previous patch November 20, 2023 Patch
Next patch February 14, 2024 Patch

New Content[ | ]

Balance Changes[ | ]

Replicator Crafting Rotation

Mastiff Shotgun Icon Mastiff Shotgun
  • Tactical reload time reduced to 0.9 (was 1.03)
  • Empty reload time reduced to 1.6 (was 1.7)
  • Draw Time reduced to 0.45 (was 0.8)
C.A.R. SMG Icon C.A.R. SMG
  • Damage reduced to 12 (was 13)
R-99 SMG Icon R-99 SMG
  • Damage reduced to 11 (was 12)
Catalyst Icon Catalyst
Tactical: Piercing Spikes Piercing Spikes
  • Now require line-of-sight of an enemy player to activate
  • Spikes that have not been activated will still slow players
Horizon Icon Horizon
  • Improved Horizon audio to make “falls” less silent
  • Spacewalk Spacewalk: Soft Landings now play audio in world (not just for Horizon)
  • Gravity Lift Gravity Lift: Gravity Lift exit audio range increased to make it easier to hear characters who exit
Newcastle Icon Newcastle
Castle Wall Castle Wall
Rampart Icon Rampart

Maps[ | ]

Map Rotation

Storm Point

  • Added and adjusted cover at ZEUS Station & ECHO HQ
  • Added Ring Console to Coastal Camp
  • Added Trident to Barometer
  • Adjusted the position of the Ring Console, Survey Beacon and Crafting Station at Lightning Rod
  • Reduced volume of ambient audio at ZEUS Station & ECHO HQ
  • Removed Ring Console, Survey Beacon and Crafting Station from Thunder Watch
  • Resolved a number of additional bugs and rat spots
  • Restored missing Ring Console at Command Center
    • Added four new staircases at ECHO HQ to improve vertical navigation around the perimeter
    • Rooftop of ECHO HQ is now out of bounds, Zipline and rooftop hatch has been removed
  • Wattson’s Pylon
    • Adjusted position of the ziplines at Wattson's Pylon to improve consistency of mantle jumping
    • Reduced amount of ultra rare loot at Wattson's Pylon
  • ZEUS Station
    • Added additional cover and ziplines at ZEUS Station for Mixtape modes only
    • Increased the speed of the redeploy balloon zipline at ZEUS Station by 25%

Mixtape[ | ]

Map Rotation

  • Control
    • Hammond Labs and Production Yard are out
    • Lava Siphon and Caustic Treatment are in
  • Gun Run
    • The Core, Estates, and Wattson’s Pylon are out
    • Skulltown, Fragment East, and ZEUS Station are in
  • TDM
    • ZEUS Station, Skulltown, and Phase Runner are out
    • Wattson’s Pylon, Party Crasher, and Overflow are in


  • Added new Legend voice lines that occasionally play on respawn
  • Lowered Ratings reward for assists in Control 5 per assist (was 20)
    • This is in response to a recent change where we started counting assists in Control and TDM based on the whole team and not just within your individual squad

World Systems[ | ]

Extended Supply Bins

  • Added a cap to the number of Heat Shield Heat Shields a team can receive from the secret drawer
  • Added a cap to the number of Med Kit Med Kits a team can receive from the secret drawer

Bug Fixes[ | ]

  • Firing Range: players dying with a Nessie in their inventory will no longer find the Nessie deleted. Sorry Nessie Hunters!
  • Players no longer get stuck due to spamming holosprays while skydiving
  • Players no longer drop out of Wraith’s portal before reaching the other side
  • Resolved small chance of getting 5 items in secret drawer of Extended Supply Bins
  • Resolved bug preventing audio engine from properly utilizing fast storage drives when reading compressed audio data
  • Startup logo video audio volume now respects the master volume slider
  • Storm Point: players should now be able to use Evac Tower Evac Towers through the ceiling hatch in Command Center
  • Trident collision should no longer occasionally push players through walls and floors

Legends[ | ]

  • Ash: Phase Breach Ultimate can no longer be used with Tridents to get under map
  • Bloodhound: Niflheim Hundr skin’s raven now white (was black)
  • Catalyst
    • Piercing Spikes Piercing Spikes ability description now shows the correct max number of traps
    • Piercing Spikes Piercing Spikes can now be pinged again
    • Dark Veil Ultimate no longer shows as ready in inventory without being fully charged
  • Conduit
    • Fixed Energy Barricade Energy Barricade V-Shape deployment when looking directly at the ground
    • Radiant Transfer Tactical can no longer be used on respawning team still in dropship
  • Crypto: fixed Crypto taking ring damage while standing in a Heat Shield Heat Shield if controlling his drone in the ring
  • Loba: restored movement speed while holding Burglar's Best Friend tactical if it was activated while standing still
  • Mad Maggie
  • Revenant: no longer occasionally becomes invincible during his Forged Shadows ulimate if his shroud is broken while marked by Vantage’s Sniper's Mark Sniper
  • Vantage: corrected Sniper's Mark Sniper Ult bullets damage to marked targets when breaking Gibraltar’s Gun Shield arm shield or Revenant’s Forged Shadows ultimate shroud
  • Wattson: Interception Pylon Ultimate correctly recharges shields when placed after Bangalore’s Smoke Launcher smoke

Modes[ | ]

  • Abilities that outline players should no longer stop functioning after killing an enemy
  • Silence abilities should no longer cancel auto healing
  • Voice chat is no longer heard outside of the squad in TDM and Control


  • Caustic Treatment: weapons cannot be used on the supply ship
  • Damage not taken while inside the respawn ship
  • Players no longer occasionally spawn in a skydive state when respawning on Kings Canyon
  • Players no longer lose invulnerability while still on the dropship when spawning on the MRB

Code Optimizations[ | ]

  • Fixed issue with dynamic resolution not reacting fast enough to high graphics load. Improves frame rate stability on consoles
  • DX12 (PC) video memory (VRAM) usage is now reduced by 1.5 - 2GB
  • DX12 (PC) improved graphics performance with parallelization of rendering workloads
  • Upgraded Nvidia Reflex SDK to v1.8 and adds support for latency markers

Quality of Life[ | ]

Conduit Icon Conduit

  • Improved visibility for jammers
  • Energy Barricade Ultimate SFX can no longer be heard in other Firing Range instances

Mirage Icon Mirage's Decoys

  • Improved issues against terrain that would cause destruction/floating
    • Any destroyed by terrain will now be refunded (Psyche Out Tactical decoys only)
  • Improved to more correctly copy the ADS state of the player
  • No longer mimic reviving or execution animations