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January 13, 2022 Patch
Rampage LMG
The Rampage LMG.
Version number 11.1.3
Previous patch January 05, 2022 Patch
Next patch February 08, 2022 Patch

The January 13, 2022 Patch is a minor hotfix.[1]

Weapons[ | ]

  • Fixed an exploit related to the charging mechanic for the Sentinel and the Rampage LMG. Both weapons are now reenabled.
Rampage LMG[2]
  • Damage decreased from 28 to 26.
  • Thermite consumption per shot increased from 2.0s to 2.5s.

General[ | ]

  • Fixed a crash on the legend select screen when the MIL-SPEC skin for Bangalore is equipped. The skin is now reenabled.

Undocumented changes[ | ]

  • Removed movement penalty when charging the Rampage and Sentinel.

References[ | ]