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YTtn sfto judgment
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Release date Jan 24, 2022
Production The Sequence Group [1]
Length 3:23
Promotes Season 12

Judgment is a Stories from the Outlands animated short released on January 24, 2022, to promote Season 12 Season 12.

Synopsis[ | ]

After being shot down in a dogfight over Gaea, Mad Maggie has finally been apprehended by the Mercenary Syndicate. She is brought into a courtroom for her trial, and sitting in the hiding amongst the crowd is Duardo Silva, CEO of Silva Pharmaceuticals. The Magistrate charges Maggie with 27 counts of sedition, including 18 counts of inciting riots, 9 counts of raiding transport ships, and masterminding the attack on the Salvo-Syndicate Merger Ceremony. Maggie insists that it was necessary in the defense of Salvo's liberty, and the Magistrate dismisses it as "cowardly and pointless". Enraged, Maggie slams her teeth into the metal bars in front of her, dislodging a tooth, and spits it at the Magistrate's eye. She is dragged away from the courtroom as the gallery jeers her.

Maggie is brought to a Firing Range for her execution by firing squad. As the Magistrate, now wearing an eyepatch, commands the guards to ready their weapons, Maggie stands proud and performs a haka in Salvo's name. Before they can open fire, Duardo Silva, watching from a tower, issues a command to stop. The Magistrate issues a new sentence: Mad Maggie will be entered into the Apex Games, in the hopes she will be killed live for all of the Outlands to see. Maggie laughs, certain that no legend can take her down.

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