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June 07, 2022 Patch
Badge You're Tiering Me Apart Apex Predator RS12.png
You're Tiering Me Apart Apex Predator Badge.svg Badge for Season 12.svg Season 12.
Version number 13.0.2
Previous patch May 23, 2022 Patch
Next patch June 21, 2022 Patch

The June 07, 2022 Patch is a minor patch addressing various bugs.[1]

Bug fixes[]

  • Improper Ranked rewards: the correct dive trails, Holospray.svg holosprays, Charm.svg gun charms, and Badge.svg badges will start rolling out to players throughout the day.
  • IMC Armories: exploits related to clipping through the roof, a mantling bug after teleporting in, and various script errors.
  • Fixing the occasional server-wide thud sound related to Newcastle's Castle Wall.svg ultimate.
  • Resolving next-gen Xbox audio distortion.
  • Various script errors.