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Kill Code is a lore plotline that started in Season 17 Season 17 on July 17, 2023. It consists of the following:

Thumbnail Type Description Released
YTtn sfto Kill Code Part 1

Kill Code Part 1
Stories from the Outlands Lifeline, Maggie and Loba journey to Salvo to investigate a mysterious lead surrounding Duardo Silva. Infiltrating an abandoned facility, their search for answers uncovers a more twisted secret than they imagined. Something big is happening in the Outlands, and one of their rivals is at the center of it. July 17, 2023
Kill Code: A Thief's Bane
Playable in-game lore event While Lifeline, Maggie were extracting data from the main console of the armored bunker in Kill Code Part 1, Loba explores the Unknown Facility. July 21, 2023
Kill Code: Interlude
Reward for Neon Network Collection Event Neon Network Collection Event Motion Comics released as event rewards; occur between Part 1 and Part 2 July 31, 2023
YTtn sfto Kill Code Part 2

Kill Code Part 2
Launch Trailer for Season 18 Resurrection Crypto hacks into a discarded fragment of Revenant to investigate some disturbing changes. Revenant is losing control of himself – but to who? July 25, 2023
YTtn sfto Kill Code Part 3

Kill Code Part 3
Stories from the Outlands The Legends locate Revenant’s head, teaming up with an unlikely ally to secure it. But no heist goes as planned, and they find themselves in a battle for survival. Will they succeed, or is there more to this plot than they know? October 9, 2023
YTtn sfto Kill Code A Life for a Life

Kill Code A Life for a Life
Stories from the Outlands To face the future, Loba must confront her past. November 20, 2023
YTtn sfto Kill Code Part 4

Kill Code Part 4
Stories from the Outlands United in their goals, the Legends face off with Duardo to destroy Revenant’s head once and for all. November 27, 2023
Revenant Army Icon

Kill Code: Uprising </center>
Playable in-game lore event Legends have to escape while the Revenant Army bear down on them. Featuring Cinematic intros and endings. December 5, 2023