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Disambig This article is about an in-game event for the Kill Code storyline. For other parts of the storyline, see Kill Code.
Kill Code: A Thief's Bane
File:Kill Code: A Thief's Bane.jpg
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Release date July 21, 2023
Production Respawn
Length 11:51

Kill Code: A Thief's Bane is a single-player lore event during Season 17 Season 17 that began on July 21, 2023. It features Loba within the Unknown Facility, takes place while Lifeline and Mad Maggie were extracting data from the main console of the armored bunker in Kill Code Part 1.

A playthrough video was also made available.

Walkthrough[ | ]

A CUTSCENE begins. Loba open the door, and start to look around

  • Portrait Loba square "This place... Why does it feel like I've been here before?"
  • Portrait Loba square "Hell of a first trip to Salvo..."

As she approached the console, Valkyrie flys in front of her.

  • Portrait Valkyrie square "Someone call for a getaway pilot?"
  • Portrait Loba square "Darling, we haven't done anything that warrants a getaway yet, but we might now with the spirited entrance you just made."
  • Portrait Valkyrie square "So you'd prefer me stealthy and fashionably late?
  • Portrait Valkyrie square (Walks to front of Loba and blocks her) "Oh wait... That's you"
  • Portrait Loba square (Endearingly rubbed Valk's helmet-covered face) "They say opposites attract." (Head back to the console)
  • Portrait Valkyrie square "Where are the others?"
  • Portrait Loba square "Back there. I just..." (Start to interact with the console)
  • Portrait Valkyrie square (Took off helmet) "Loba? Don't go zoning out on me again."
  • Portrait Loba square "You should go, darline. I'll see you late."
  • Portrait Valkyrie square "Ugh. Copy." (Puts helmet back on) "See ya later..." (Jet out)

Loba (Player) can interact with the console, which will lower the platform she is on.

  • Portrait Loba square (Arriving at the deeper level) "I see they rolled out the red carpet. Good thing I always accessorize."

The Jump Drive will now be activated with no cooldown. Player will have to navigate the walkways and ducts, using the tactical as needed.

Upon crossing the first chasm, the walkway collapse, and Loba almost fell down.

  • Portrait Loba square (Gasp) "Ah! (Look down the chasm) Wonderful (struggling back up) I knew I didn't like this place. It seems the feeling is mutual."

Eventually, at a section of walkway:

  • Portrait Loba square "These walkways, the echoes, it's just like... No, that can't be right."

Reaching a set of platforms:

  • Portrait Loba square "It looks like... they were making something here..."

Midway through the mission, Loba will encounter a zipline puzzle. By carfully throwing her bracelet while on the zipline, she reaches Research Site B, and within discovers various simulacrum bodies on inspection bed, as well as an encased Simulacrum hand and a Hammond Datapad

  • Portrait Loba square "This is Salvo, not Solace. This is just another heist."

Her Black Market is now activated, allows her to extract the Datapad, which she used to connect to Hammond's Node Network and unlocked deeper parts of the facility.

After slipping through a narrow opening in the door with jump drive, she reached a large chamber that resembles the former Revenant facility that was previously under Skulltown of Solace.

  • Portrait Loba square "This... isn't the same place. It can't be."

Walking down the walkway, she reached an armored core similar to the one that contained Revenant's Source Code. The console in front of it indicated "TRANSFER COMPLETE".

  • Portrait Loba square "Someone used this recently... and took something. What did you leave behind, Silva?"

Using the console, she opened up the container.

  • Portrait Loba square "Empty! No! No!"

In her anger, she slammed the console's keyboard, which activated the facility's security systems, as well as starting something on the console with "INITIATE SEQUENCE". She then noticed a sparkling Revenant's head.

  • Portrait Loba square "This is... the demonio's eye. (yanked an eye out) Silva is making his bodies? What is he doing with the demonio!"

The plotline continues in Kill Code: Interlude

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